Getting to know one of the most popular palm trees: the Areca

In Madagascar we can find one of the most beautiful palm trees that inhabit the planet: the Deeply shiningor better known as Areca o Yellow palm tree. It is a palm tree that we have seen in tropical gardens for many years., and also in numerous homes. It has a fast growth, but it adapts well to living in pots, being able to live in them for a long time.

Its leaves are very long, up to a meter in length, arched. It has a tendency to take out basal suckers, thus forming a beautiful clump of palm leaves, growing to a height of approximately 6 meters.

Deeply shining

The areca will look great decorating any garden that enjoys a warm climate all year round, or sheltered in case it is a little cold in winter. Due to its origin, it does not resist frost, that is why we should keep it inside the home during the winter months, in a very bright room and away from drafts.

It reproduces by seeds, which must be in water for 24 hours before being sown in the seedbed. Reproduction by division of clumps is also possible, but it is complicated.


If you are lucky enough to have your garden in a tropical climate, you can have the areca in a shady corner, as it does not support direct sun unless it is an adult specimen and has already been acclimatizing for a few years. Likewise, if it is in a pot, it must also be protected from the sun’s rays.

The watering of this palm must be frequent. As a general rule about 2-3 times a week depending on the climate we have and the humidity of the substrate itself. Let us remember that it is preferable to water little, than to water too much, since a plant that has suffered excess watering is difficult to save.

Otherwise, it is usually resistant to pests, so if it has the right conditions, it will look very beautiful all year round.

Getting to know one of the most popular palm trees: the Areca

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