The sansevieria It is a plant that belongs to the family of the cactus and very appropriate for those who are new to gardening or cannot dedicate too much time to it, given its high adaptability since hardly requires care.

It is very resistant to the lack of irrigation and light and to the attack of pests, it tolerates dry and hot conditions inside the home without problems and it can go many years without being transplanted.

The most popular variety of sansevieria is colloquially known as «tiger tongue«. One of the few fundamental cares that must be taken with this plant is do not overdo the watering. Flooding the substrate leads to the death of its leaves. In fact, it is advised that the soil remains almost dry. Hence, the most suitable type of substrate for this specimen is recommended for cacti and succulent plants: light and permeable, to avoid flooding. A layer of gravel should be placed at the bottom of the pot and, on top, river sand.

The frequency of watering for sansevieria is as follows: every two weeks in spring and summer, every three in fall, and once a month in winter. On the other hand, it is also advisable to fertilize the soil once a month with a mineral fertilizer.

With regard to light, although this plant can live with little, if possible it is recommended that it be placed in bright placesbut that they do not receive the direct incidence of the sun’s rays.

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