Planting and harvesting calendar for potted vegetables

Well, we are already in November. The cold has arrived and again the sowing and harvesting schedule for our flower pot or urban garden is modified. We will try to avoid planting and transplanting on the coldest days, since the frost affect small plants.

In November we rush the last plantings of cabbage y lima beans, We continue with the garlicsleeks, that peaes and lentils. We continue with the radishes, that can be planted throughout the year. And it’s a good time for him celery.

Remember that the data of a sowing schedule are always indicative, as it depends on the variety and geographical area. Those that I indicate are for the mediterranean areabut always check with your seed supplier or your garden center.

Coles. Sowing: From April to November. Collection: After 5 months.

Broad beans. Sowing: From September to November. Collection: After 4 months.

Garlic. Sowing: From October to January. Collection: At 6/8 months.

Green peas: Sowing: From October to February. Collection: After 4 months.

Lentils. Sowing: From October to March. Collection: After 5/7 months.

Leeks. Sowing: From October to April. Collection: After 4 months.

Spinach. Sowing: From August to February. Collection: After 3 months.

Celery. Sowing: From November to April. Collection: At 6/7 months (it can be collected earlier by branches or leaves)

Radishes. Sowing: All year round. Collection: After 1/2 months.

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Planting and harvesting calendar for potted vegetables

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