With the arrival of March we will find a great variety of indoor seeds To start sowing, they also come with good news for beginners and that is that most of these species are very easy to care for.

Eggplant «Hansel»

It is a variety of miniature aubergine, very tender and sweet in taste, not even its skin is bitter. The plant reaches 90 cm tall and is among the winners of All-America Selections 2008One more reason to have it in our garden!

  • It does not support a transplant, so it is better to sow two or three seeds per pot of 10 cm in diameter to 6 mm deep.
  • For good germination the soil temperature must be between 27-29ºC.
  • It usually takes around seven days to germinate.
  • When they germinate, keep only the strongest plant and eliminate the rest by cutting them, do not pull them to avoid damaging the roots of the one you want to keep.


“Impatient”, that’s what these flowers are called

They took this name from the way their seeds shoot when the pods open, although they are also known as walleriana blossom. You can easily find them in any greenhouse but, if you wish, you can plant them yourself. Before choosing, it is recommended to inform yourself about the different varieties, since depending on which one you choose they will reach one height or another.

  • Their seeds they are placed on the surface and covered with a light layer of vermiculite.
  • The soil temperature should be between 20-25 ºC and the seedbed should receive light.
  • The surface of the compost should be damp, but not soggy.
  • Germination occurs in 10-21 days.

Image –  There the cigogne

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