Recycled pallets in the garden

They are known as pallet, pallet or ballet and it is a wooden frame – or other materials – that have been used since the Second World War for loading and unloading.

From armchairs and tables, to shelves and cabinets, today the pallets are recycled to adapt to different homes, always with good results.

Pallets in your garden

The advantage of decorate with pallets in any airspace they are in tune with the atmosphere. Wood is a natural material that is ideal to include in the garden or on the terrace, either in the form of furniture or as a flowerpot, tool chest and more.

Pallets in garden

Pallets easily adapt to new shapes and are strong. While there are also plastic, alloy or pressboard pallets, the best is choose the wooden ones for your garden Well, then you will achieve a rustic style that will combine perfectly with your plants and flowers.

In addition, they are the easiest to find since 90 to 95% of the pallets are made of this material. You don’t always have to pay a fortune for them, you can look for them on the street because many people and companies abandon them once they are used or buy them at any neighborhood flea market. On the other hand, in many countries such as Spain, due to export regulations, the wood has undergone an antibacterial treatment, so the final product will be resistant.

How to work the pallets

The first thing is to consider the size. Although there are several measures, the two standard ones are:

  • European pallet: 1200 x 800 mm
  • Universal gold isopale pallet (also known as American pallet): 1200 x 1000 mm.

Pallets in garden

When you start your recycling tasks always remember avoid disassembling the pallets It is advisable not to remove your nails as the wood is quite weak in these cases and tends to split. What you can do is cut the pallet into portions to adapt it to your needs but always maintaining the structure.

Finally, try use screws and not nails and always use the drill so as not to affect the wood.

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Recycled pallets in the garden

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