Colorful azaleas in the garden

Our azaleas They are one of the favorite plants of the people, a shrub with a soft green color that blooms in spring and summer and gives large flowers of an intense pink.

They are known throughout the world, beautiful and ideal for gardens and balconies but also somewhat delicate in their care. That is, we can all grow azaleas but the issue is knowing how to do it because unlike other flowering plants this shrub needs to feel comfortable and its needs covered 100 percent.

Knowing the azaleaAzalea

While it is a plant native to the Eastthe azalea has been able to adapt and today it grows without problems in many parts of the world, such as the Spanish soil. Its scientific name is Rhododendron indica and it is a plant that belongs to the family of Ericaceae.

It is distinguished from others by its small green leaves that, even without flowers, are pleasant in any season, bright and highly resistant. When it blooms towards spring, the best thing happens because then its beautiful bell-shaped flowers emerge, which are grouped and form a colorful network. They are large and generous and although the pink color is the most characteristic there are also azaleas with white, orange and red flowers.

This plant can reach a size of up to two meters if it is grown outdoors, although the most common is that it acquires an average height of half a meter.

Care and recommendations

It is not the first time that we talk about the care of azaleas. We were saying of a healthy balance that will lead to noble growth. In this sense, you have to study the equation to get the best out of the plant. How? Well, keep in mind the light because it must receive natural but not direct light. The soil must remain moist Ideally, it should be loose and rich in nutrients.

When it comes to watering, it must be done continuously as it is a plant that needs moisture. Check the soil and check that it is not dry even in the deepest layers. As we always say: the best way to control irrigation is by checking the condition of the land.


Colorful azaleas in the garden

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