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Widely used in the cosmetic industry, the exquisite fragrance of the Gardenia makes it attractive for making perfumes. It is a perennial plant that gives off a characteristic aroma while being beautiful and ideal for decorating a corner.

There are many species of Gardenia the most popular being the Gardenia jasminoidewhose flowers they are white to cream in color to become more yellow as they wilt. As with jasmine, it is enough to have a few gardenias in water to bring out its intense and pleasant aroma.



The appearance of the flowers of Gardenia It is similar to that of roses, although they stand out for their leaves, which grow opposite each other and also have a very showy color, an intense and shiny green, something that complements a very pretty flower. The leaves are lanceolate in shape and between 5 and 10 centimeters in size.

They grow in the framework of a dense shrub that can reach 2 meters in height and spreads due to its numerous ramifications.

This plant belongs to the family of Rubiaceae and is native to China. However, its name comes from Alexander Garden, a Scottish-born naturalist who lived between 1730 and 1791.

The Asian variety is the aforementioned Gardenia jasminoides while the one native to Africa is the Gardenia thunbergia.

Gardenias cultivation


If you want to have gardenias in your airspace, you should know that it is a plant that can grow by cuttings. Choose the right time, that is, from November to March and then transplant them in April to their final place. Remember that it takes about two years for the plant to reach floral maturity, so you will have to have some patience.

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Gardenias in your garden | Gardening On

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