How to care for orchids in summer

They are one of the most elegant flowers the human eye has seen. The petals are distributed in such a way that they seem to have the shapes of animals or insects just as colorful as butterflies. Their care is not the same throughout the year, so today we are going to discover how to care for orchids in summer.

Also, I’m going to give you some tips so you can enjoy it without having to complicate yourself.

Orchids to be planted in transparent pots (such as Phalaenopsis)


Orchids like Phalaenopsis in their natural habitat can be found growing on tree branches. Its roots are prepared to absorb any moisture that may be present, and they do not need to grow underground. In fact, it could be very harmful to them. For this, they should always be planted in transparent pots, with special substrate for orchids (like the pine bark that they sell in 5l bags that you will find in nurseries and garden stores).

The maintenance of these beautiful flowers is simple, because we only have to look at the color of the roots: if it’s white, you have to water. On the other hand, if they are green, we will wait for them to turn white. To water it, just add a glass with distilled water, osmosis o of rain; some even, instead of using a glass, use a spray bottle. If you have a plate under it, as soon as you water it, remove the excess water.

Orchids that need a conventional pot (such as Dendrobium)


Orchids such as Dendrobium can be planted in conventional pots, with peat. Irrigation will have to be regularbut avoiding waterlogging. What I recommend is that you check the humidity of the substrate before watering again, for example by inserting a thin wooden stick into the pot; if it comes out with a lot of adhering soil when it is extracted, it means that the plant does not need water at the moment.

Do not forget clean the leaves with a little milk so that they recover shine as they can. And, if you want to have them even more beautiful, fertilize them with an orchid fertilizer throughout the growing season (spring and summer). They will surely thank you with a lot of flowers .

How to care for orchids in summer

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