Dalias, information about these beautiful Mexican flowers

Who has not ever fallen in love with these beautiful flowers? The Dahliasconsidered as national flower of MexicoThey are a real beauty. There are numerous varieties, and a few (more and more) cultivars that will make you dream.

And it is that, it seems a lie that one flower so elegant, delicate-looking, so easy to care for, and above all, so grateful.

Dahlia x hortensis

Some Dahlias whose flowers look like a ballerina’s pompom, others look like daisies, others resemble the flowers of some cacti, … well. It is a very broad and varied genre that it will certainly make your garden look spectacular.

And if you don’t believe me, take a look at this photo:

Dahlia garden

Spectacular, don’t you think?

The truth is that more than one and more than two would like to have, at least, a small group of Dalias in some corner of their garden. Also, as they bloom in spring, many bees would come to its flowers and other pollinating insects.

Dahlia Chimborazo

Being bulbs that are planted in winter, the sowing time is between late summer and early winter. Ideally, they should be planted before Christmas.

It adapts to all types of floorsbut if we have it in a pot it will prefer a substrate with some drainage. For example, we can use black peat with perlite or any other material that facilitates drainage. The amount will be 50%. In order not to overdo it, we can do the following:

  1. We will measure the height of the pot, and fill half with black peat and the other half with drainage material.
  2. Then we can take it out so we can mix it well.
  3. And to finish we will plant the bulb, which must be at a depth that is more or less twice its height. That is, if it is 3cm high, we will plant it at a depth of 5-6cm.


Regarding irrigation we will let the substrate dry before giving water again. In general, we will water once a week, but the frequency of waterings will depend on the weather and the rainfall.

Do you have or would you like to have these beautiful flowers?

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Dalias, information about these beautiful Mexican flowers

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