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Personally, I consider that one of the most beautiful and elegant plants that exist, are the orchids, for me, they are really spectacular. It is important to note that millions of seeds are produced in each of its flowers, so some plants can generate many other flowers. It is for this reason that today, we want to talk a little about the reproduction of orchids.

The reproduction of orchids by seedsIt can be a somewhat complicated activity, especially for those who do not have much experience. However, with a lot of patience and effort, you can achieve the reproduction quite effectively and productively.

Importantly, the seeds have almost no reserve substances, so they need to associate very quickly with a fungus to survive. On many occasions, insects can cause pollen tubes to develop, since they are attracted by the smell or the shape and approach them, thus transferring a mass of pollen to the stigma. This is the process by which fertilization happens, and the one that causes thousands of seeds to grow.

Many of these seeds that grow become fertile and others will be sterile. Those that are fertile are those that will need symbiosis with the fungus, to give rise to many more orchids and thus achieve much more diversity. This type of plant is one of the most diverse in terms of its characteristics.

Orchid seeds, it is important to emphasize, that they lack germination potential in soil since they do not have endosperm, so for those people who only have an amateur level in gardening and who lack experience, it is much more advisable to use other types of reproduction like asexual or agamic.

Reproduction of Orchids | Gardening On

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