Characteristics, cultivation and care of Amarillys belladonna

How to grow Amarillys belladonna or Pink Lily

Amarillys belladonna or Pink Lily

Our belladonna They can be grown both in pots and directly in the ground.

Potted cultivation

Choose a pot that is at least 30 inches deep and place gravel at the bottom for adequate drainage, then the bulb should be placed not very deepso that the top is flush with the surface.

At first should not give direct sunlightRather, try to give it more shadow than light until the cocoon is visible, then if you should place it where it receives sunlight.

Land cultivation

First you have to clean the soil, removing all traces of weeds and small pebblesloosening the substrate a little and once this is done, we open a hole about 15 centimeters deep. Then a sand base is added and the bulb is placed on the ground, always taking care that the top is level with the surface; This is because at this level it receives the necessary heat to flourish.

In advance you should know the place where the bulb or the seed will be planted since the Amarillys belladonna or Pink Lily is not very tolerant to transplants. The favorable season for its cultivation is ending in the summer or during the spring.

In cold climates it is better to plant in pots to make it easier to protect it during frost, if they are already planted outside it is advisable to shelter the base well to avoid damaging the bulb.

Belladonna can be grown starting from seeds, but you must bear in mind that the first flowering will occur between three and five years after planting. The pink lily seed should be planted beginning in spring to prevent heat damage.

Use a pot or container 10 centimeters or a little deeper, add some well-drained, nutrient-rich soilplant the seed 2,5 cms. deep, water and keep it at a temperature of approximately 16ºC, well protected. In two weeks it should germinate, so wait until the following spring to transplant.

Caring for the Amarillys belladonna or Pink Lily

The Amarillys belladonna or Pink Lily needs several hours of sun a dayso try to keep it in a bright place where it can get direct or indirect sunlight, depending on the climate of the region where you are.

To water the plant, it is convenient to know that the greater the presence of this more water for the plant and less quantity less irrigation; For this reason, in the summer the frequency and the quantity of water is very little, avoiding at all costs that the substrate becomes poor because the bulbs would be damaged.

characteristics of the pink lily

Characteristics of the Amarillys belladonna or Pink Lily

This bulbous it is characterized by its beautiful flowersin pink tones and with a pleasant aroma, which occur in small groups and emulating the shape of a trumpet.

Its bulb, of considerable size, generates a kind of stem that grows devoid of foliage and at the tip it shows a bouquet of up to 15 flowers. The leaves do not appear until autumn, being large, being located only at the base of the plant.

Characteristics, cultivation and care of Amarillys belladonna

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