How to save lilies before planting?

It is probably hard to imagine a garden without lilies. A variety of shapes and colors, different flowering periods, the ability to harmoniously combine with different flowers, a certain unpretentiousness attract gardeners.

Some varieties should be dug up and stored in the basement during the winter. Or carefully cover with fallen leaves, some are frost-resistant and winter in open ground without problems.

The planting time for lilies in the garden is different, some species need to be transplanted only during the rest period (candidum lilies, martagon hybrids), which falls in the fall. Some can be safely transplanted during the growing season, such as Asian hybrids.

When is the best time to buy lilies at a discount?

But the best assortment of lily bulbs at attractive prices appears in late autumn, at the end and after the garden season closes. It is at this time, according to American tradition, after Thanksgiving, that the traditional Christmas sales season begins.

The market of garden plants also holds sales at this time. Looking at the drop in prices is real suffering for a gardener, because it feels like the ground is already frozen.

Therefore, it is possible to plant plants late. But they can be

Of course, not all plants can be bought at a discount, for example, plants that have defects after storage, are rotten.

This also applies to plants lying in the warm sales hall of the store. The bulb sprouts, the plant begins a new cycle of vegetation.

It is necessary to choose a seller that has control over the quality of storage of delicate goods — namely, the Florium online store.

The best types and varieties of lilies at discounts

When choosing lily bulbs at a discount, you can safely choose some types. For example, the ones that should be dug up in winter are tubular hybrids and oriental lilies.

Varieties of these types of lilies have attractive prices during discounts, because in normal times the price for them is not small.

Check out the ‘African Queen’ varieties, the ‘Planet’ series (available in yellow, white, pink, red and orange), Regale and more.

Asian hybrids are also desirable at discounts (these types also include Tiger, Tango, LA-hybrids). The varieties “Forever Summer”, “Yellow Bruse”, “Cafe Noir”, “Cherubino” will decorate the garden next season. Also, it is during the discounts that you can buy many plants of low-growing varieties for borders.

Martagon hybrids, candidum hybrids need planting only at a certain time and do not like excessive transplanting.

They may miss a year of flowering. But the bulb does not die, it even gains volume and blooms normally the following year.

But it must be said that the price of martagon hybrids due to very slow growth and low reproduction rate is quite high, buying at discounts you can replenish your collection with valuable varieties for a much lower price.

How to store lilies during the winter?

So you ordered and received a parcel with promotional lily bulbs in the mail.

Be sure to check at home for damage and moisture in the packages.

Next, you need to prepare a place in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator as soon as possible.

For storing plants in the refrigerator, I have a plastic box filled with sawdust, in which I put lily bulbs.

The refrigerator provides a constant temperature at which the rest period of the bulbs is extended.

Plants must be checked once a month.

If the plants have sprouted, there are several options: you can calmly wait until spring for Asian hybrids, Martagon hybrids, tubular and oriental lilies can be planted in a pot and placed on the balcony, and in spring they can be carefully transplanted to a permanent place in the garden.

When I first decided to try to buy the desired varieties of lilies at a discount, I prepared a hole for the plants in advance.

After receiving the bulbs, I went to plant on the weekend. She also prepared fallen tree leaves and moss for shelter in the gazebo so that they would be dry.

That year, the plants overwintered well and bloomed well in the summer.

But in the following years, buying lily bulbs at a discount, I already stored them in the refrigerator.

So choose what is more convenient for you.

I will be glad if my experience allows you to choose interesting varieties at discounts without unnecessary expenses.

Sincerely, experienced gardener, Olesya.

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Published: 03.12.2019

How to save lilies before planting?

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