Distillation of daffodils at home

Narcissus is considered a symbol of true spring. White and yellow narcissus flowers decorate flower beds soon after the snow has completely melted, delighting with their freshness and delicate aroma.

Daffodils grow easily in pots. Tall and short varieties of daffodils can be planted in one pot.

They can be used to compose beautiful festive compositions on the window.

I want to show photos of various options for decorating the house for Easter.

Even the used simple plastic planters of bright colors on the window with daffodils with stickers create a festive mood.

General information about the distillation of daffodils

Anyone can easily make daffodils bloom on a glazed balcony in February-March. In November, you can still prepare daffodil bulbs for extraction.

Forced flowering of daffodils is easier than hyacinths and tulips, especially after the New Year.

For the extraction of daffodils, you need bulbs of early or mid-early varieties with white or brightly colored flowers.

Florium online store sells only the best quality daffodil bulbs.

Therefore, they are guaranteed to have the beginnings of flowers inside.

Distillation of quality bulbs is less troublesome and much faster in time.

For example, I use the varieties “Tete a Tete”, “Sir Winston Churchill” (or the very similar “Obdam”) for distillation.

I immediately sort the selected bulbs, choosing the largest, round ones without signs of disease for distillation.

I immediately plant the rest of the bulbs in the garden.

Preparation of bulbs for planting

I dry the narcissus bulbs selected for distillation in the shade, and store them in the vegetable compartment of the refrigerator until December.

I plant daffodil bulbs for distillation in pots with a height of at least 15 cm, necessarily with drainage holes.

Pot selection and temperature conditions

The height of the pot is important for the development of the daffodil root system
For daffodils, the temperature during distillation should be no more than 12-15 degrees Celsius.

If the temperature is higher, the peduncles are strongly elongated, the plants lie down, and the flowers become smaller.

Distillation process

During the narcissus extraction, I do not feed, I water often and little by little, while trying not to wet the leaves.

It is also advisable to turn the pots so that the flower stalks grow evenly.

Care after flowering

After flowering, water with a solution of universal fertilizer once a week (usually 3-4 times) until the leaves completely disappear.

I don’t throw away the daffodil bulbs after they are squeezed, but plant them in the ground in May.

They will not have leaves and flowers this year. Daffodil bulbs will be suitable for re-distillation only after a couple of years with mandatory feeding in the garden.

Daffodils, like many bulbs, are very easy to grow.

Once you plant quality bulbs in the ground, you can “forget” about them, and they will appear every spring for many years.

Hybrid daffodils will grow anywhere, but it is better in a sunny place or in light partial shade. The presence of daffodils in the flowerbed repels mice from crocuses and muscari.

Sincerely, experienced gardener, Olesya.

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Published: 28.11.2019

Distillation of daffodils at home

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