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With good weather it is normal to spend more time in the garden arranging plants and areas so that they are ready for summer. But for this you need tools and these you can place them on storage shelves.

Wait, don’t you have? If you want to have a bit of order in your garden, or in the garage, why not buy this type of shelves? Of course, do not be guided only by the price; There are other factors to take into account. We help you with your purchase.

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Top Shelf Brandsstorage routes

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Although we can find many models and brands of storage shelves in stores, it is true that some brands stand out from others. In this case, we are talking about three of them.


TecTake is a brand dedicated to the manufacture of storage shelves and has a wide variety of models available on the market.

The storage shelves of this are made of durable and resistant materials, such as metal and wood, and are designed to support a large amount of weight. In addition, they offer different options in terms of size, number of shelves and load capacity, which makes them ideal for different storage needs.


Songmics is another brand that offers high-quality, highly versatile storage shelving.

One of the advantages it has is that it specializes in the manufacture of storage racks for high quality at reasonable prices, making them affordable for a wide range of consumers.


Homcom, for its part, is a brand that offers a wide variety of products for the home and office, including storage shelves.

In general, It is a brand well valued by users due to the quality and durability of its products, as well as its excellent value for money.

Buying guide for a shelfstorage track

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Often we are guided by the price to choose a storage shelf, or any other product. However, when this does not make us obtain the result we expect, in the end we have to buy another more expensive one and therefore lose money due to a bad experience.

Since we don’t want that to happen to you, Why don’t you take a look at these factors that are just as important or more important than price? We list them for you.

Loading capacity

The load capacity is the weight that the rack can support. When you are going to put heavy objects on it, you need to know that it can support them, otherwise an accident could occur.

Size and number of shelves

How many shelves do you need and how big should they be to accommodate your storage needs? Once you answer that question you could eliminate some options.

For it, You must think about what you are going to put on that shelf to know if one with many shelves, with shelves and a drawer, etc. is more convenient for you.


Most storage shelving is made of wood, metal, or plastic. The choice of material will depend on your personal preferences, but make sure that the material is strong and durable. And, if possible, not too light since if you are not going to put a lot of weight on it, if you leave it outside, the wind could throw it and everything would fall (besides giving you a good scare).

Ease of assembly

Are you handy when it comes to doing something? What about following instructions? If you are not very proficient in it, you may need help to assemble the storage shelves. Or that it comes almost done.

This will also influence the price. (especially if you have to ask the store person to mount it for you).


Storage shelving is available in a wide range of prices. And many of the factors that determine one price or another are those that we have seen before.

In general, from 30 euros you can already find shelves, but that they are professional and durable, they will be from 70 euros.

Where to buy?

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Now that you know what to look for when buying storage shelves, we wanted to review the most searched stores for this product and what we have found is the following.


Amazon is where you will find the greatest variety of storage shelves because it has many external sellers that work with different brands. However, Keep in mind that it will arrive disassembled, and sometimes elements are lost or it doesn’t quite fit well.

It does not mean that that happens (and you also have Amazon’s guarantee to take care of it). But expect that you will have to assemble it before using it.

As for the prices, although some are somewhat raised, in general you can find some cheap models.


At Ikea you will find a large category of shelves and bookstores, where you will have many models and brands to choose from. However, Keep in mind that we are talking about garden products, so this must be very resistant.

For this, it is best to use the search engine so that it filters and shows you some that may be of the material and resistance that you need.

Leroy Merlin

Another of the stores where you will find more storage shelves is this one. In this case, Leroy Merlin does have a category precisely for storage shelves It can be divided into kit, modular, resin, wood or even made-to-measure shelves.

Depending on the one you choose, it will list the models it has, but you can also filter by width, depth, maximum load, color…


Although in Bricomart It jumps out to us that they have 38 products that fit the search for storage shelves, in reality there are much fewer.

You have shelves, and there are even other categories you should look at (as for shelves in general). But the search in this case will be more manual than listing all the products.

Now that you have all the keys, All you have to do is take a look at the options you have based on your budget and buy the storage shelves that suit you best.

Storage shelving | Gardening On

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