The different varieties of lettuce. Basic Features

Do you know the different varieties of lettuce? Its shape, its flavor, its cultivation … Do you know which is the most suitable for your flowerpot?

A few days ago we commented on the characteristics of the potted lettuce cultivation. Soon, as soon as the temperatures drop, we will have a good time to grow it. When we go for the seed or the lettuce seedling (Lactuca sativa), we will find different varieties, all edible and very tasty. Do you want to know them?Lettuce varieties can be classified into the following botanical groups:

Roman: sativa lettuce there. longifolia
They do not form a true bud, the leaves are long, with entire edges and a wide central vein.

  • Romana (the most common, good performance)
  • Baby (same as the previous one in dwarf, very funny for the vegetable garden)

Cocky: sativa lettuce there. happened
These lettuces form a tight bud of leaves. They are also known as Flemish lettuces. They have round, light green leaves, sometimes with traces of yellow or red.

  • Batavia (it is semi-crunchy type and somewhat curly leaves).
  • Butter or Trocadero (soft, fleshy and non-brittle leaves, of a pigmented light green color).
  • Iceberg (crisp and very durable).

Loose-leaf: sativa lettuce there. inybacea
They are lettuces that have loose and scattered leaves.

  • Lollo Rossa (crisp, curly reddish leaves)
  • Red Salad Bowl (if the leaves are picked regularly they can last a long time)
  • Crackers

Asparagus lettuce: sativa lettuce there. Augustana
They are those that are used for their stems, having pointed and lanceolate leaves. It is grown mainly in China and India.

And a curiosity, oak lettuce, with curly leaves with purple tints and loose bud, is not a lettuce as such (sativa lettuce), but a chicory (Cichorium intybus).

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The different varieties of lettuce. Basic Features

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