Are the symptoms of overwatering

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When do I have to water? Am I adding more water than my plant needs? Irrigation is by far the hardest “to master”, and it is also the most important. Without water, we could not have an idyllic garden or a flower-filled patio. Therefore, identify symptoms of excess watering as soon as possible It’s fundamental so that our pots survive. Indeed, if we go over the water, the chances of recovering them are low.

But do not worry. Everything has a solution. Learn to identify the symptoms of overwatering in your plants.



The most frequent symptoms that we are giving you more water than necessary are the following:


The lower leaves begin to turn yellowuntil they turn brown before falling. In addition, little by little we will also see that the same thing happens to the newest. In severe cases mushrooms appear (like the Phytophothora), the plant may be left without leavesand if it is palm trees, agaves or bromeliads, central blades are easily removed gently pulling up.


The root system has a hard time when it is being watered too much. There are many that can rot, considerably delaying growth by being, literally, suffocated.

What is root asphyxia?

Root asphyxia is a process by which water displaces oxygen in the soil, limiting the plants’ ability to breathe through the roots. When we water, their pores are filled with water, but if the ground is well drained, they can “spit out” the amount they don’t need; On the contrary, if the soil is kept moist for a long time, since the roots cannot breathe, they end up dying.


Rotten appleRotten apple

Fruits from trees that are being overwatered can quickly be soften and rot. If the problem persists over time, the entire crop can be lost.

But as we said, everything has a solution. In this article We show you how to remove excess water .

Are the symptoms of overwatering

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