Sources of inspiration to create your terrarium


When it’s time to say goodbye to winter, I feel like watching the plants resume their growth again. Right now I’m a bit obsessed with terrariums, which are a great way to have beautiful plants around the house and create magical little plant worlds. The great thing about terrariums is that there are now so many amazing and beautiful glass containers available that a terrarium doesn’t have to be a boring fish tank.

And if you don’t believe me, take a look at these hanging glass globes. They are perfect for accent plantsor to group several that are very striking. But, there are still more ideas that I want to show you …

Lantern turned into a terrarium

Terrarium in a lamp

terrarium in a lamp

This adorable terrarium from Untrained Housewife completely remakes our wall lantern idea Exterior. Now, it has become a beautiful terrarium that decorates the wall.

Terrarium in glass bowl

Terrarium in bowl

terrarium in bowl

A glass bowl like the one you normally use for salads is something that could also be used to feed your soul with a breath of fresh air. The bigger the container, more creative can be the placement of your plants.

French coffee maker for terrariums



This terrarium project use a french coffee maker as a container. Very cute and super fabulous.

Terrarium-fish tank with cable suspension

Fish tank terrarium

fish tank terrarium

I love this reused glass fish tank with cable as a hanger. Some gravel, some succulents, and voila! The perfect decoration object for a desk or window. Charming!

Crystal jewelry box

Terrarium in jewelry box

terrarium in jewelry box

Oh, I love these vintage boxes. The shapes, the charm they have… it’s all so impressive! So I super love this adaptation of a geometric glass painting turned into a terrarium in miniature.

Air plants in terrarium

Terrarium in magnetic box

terrarium in magnetic box

These magnetic boxes are available at any office supply store. This new use is just great. Some gravel, some carnation from the air and voila! Super chic magnets for your fridge or message board.

Glass teapot

Terrarium in teapot

terrarium in teapot

When it comes to making a terrarium, you can use any glass container, which is more practical. And this creative terrarium is exactly what it looks like. This teapot-terrarium is the perfect centerpiece for a lunch table.

Scientific glass funnels

Terrarium in glass funnels

Terrarium in glass funnels

Speaking of unusual glass containers for terrariums, check out this project! Adult supervision is required as the filament inside has to be removed, but the container ends up being the best way to change the purpose of a glass bulbwhich would otherwise be unusable.

What project are you going to start with the arrival of spring? Do not forget to comment us Your favorites.

Sources of inspiration to create your terrarium

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