Traps Tricks and Tips to Kill Wasps


Every insect has its place in the ecosystem, even in the garden. But it is true that sometimes they make their nests too close to home, and if there is someone who is allergic, it can be a problem. For this reason, we are going to teach you how to make a wasp trapso that you and your family can rest easy. This trap does not harm the environment, and will keep the wasp population in check.

Although if you want to keep them away, we will also tell you what to do to get it.

Find a honeycomb or wasp nest

wasp nest or honeycomb

wasp nest or hive

The first thing to do is see if there are any wasp hivessince this way we will know more or less if there are many or not. Obviously, if we have seen some in the garden, it is because their nest will not be very far, but it is possible that it has only been passing through and that, therefore, it is only necessary to set one or two traps in some places.

The combs, if any, will be found in the branches of tall trees, especially if they give a lot of shade. They are sack-shaped, light brown or yellowish brown. It is very possible that you will see some wasps in or out of / in it, since they are insects that remain active during the day.

How to make a trap to kill wasps

containers for the wasp trap

wasp trap containers

To make wasp traps easily and quickly you will need the following:

  • An empty plastic bottle, the size you want.
  • Scissors, such as those used for sewing.
  • String or tape.
  • Food or liquids to attract wasps: sugar, vinegar, meat, beer, or soft drinks.
  • Cooking oil.

Now that we have everything, it’s time to do it. How? A) Yes:

Step One – Cut the Bottle

Cut bottle

cut bottle

With the scissors, you have to cut the bottle where it begins to narrowthat is to say, by the neck. Take off the cap.

Second step – Place the neck in the bottle and introduce the food

Bottle with sugar

bottle with sugar

For the trap to take shape, you have to put the food in the traptaking care that it does not reach the peak of the bottle (that is, where the cap that we removed in the previous step was before). Then, you have to turn the neck, and introduce it into the bottle.

Step Three – Unite Both Parts

Wasp trap

wasp trap

Now it will be necessary to join both parts with adhesive tape, although if you prefer you can make two holes on both sides, and pass a rope to hang the wasp trap. If you choose to do the latter, I recommend that you insert the neck of the bottle a little so that there is no free gap where the wasps could exit.

As an option, before introducing it you can smear it with cooking oilfor the part that will go inside the trap. So no matter how hard they try to get out, they won’t be able to.

Step Four – Empty the trap from time to time

The trap must be emptied periodically, but with great care. We have to make sure they are dead before removing the neck, otherwise we could risk being bitten. To avoid it, you can pour boiling soapy water into the trap. Afterwards, throw them in the garbage container, since if you left them around the garden, the chemicals that their corpses give off could alert the colony, which would soon show up.

How to keep wasps away

Flower with wasp

flower with wasp

But if what you want is, simply, to keep the wasps away without killing them, there are many things that can be done, such as:

Don’t leave food or drinks out

This is very important: if you do not leave any type of food – including that of your dog or cat – or drink, especially if it has a high sugar and protein content, the chances of the wasps arriving are very low, practically nil.

Keep garbage containers closed

It is true that wasps normally behave like hunters, but if they see that there is something in the garbage container that may interest them, they will not hesitate to go look for it.

Hang brown paper bags

It is a very easy way to fool them. Hang up some crumpled brown paper bags in different parts of the garden, and you will see how not one comes close. Why? Because they are very territorial insects, and they will not make the nest where another has already done it, only that in this case it is not about nests, but about bags .

Don’t dress in bright colors

Bright colors, as well as brightly colored flowers, attract wasps. With this in mind, it is also highly recommended avoid putting plants that have showy flowersAs the gazania, The dimorphotheque, Or the hibiscus for example.

The cucumber, your ally



If you plan to have a picnic or enjoy a meal with your family or friends in the garden, put some cucumber slices. This way the wasps will stay very far from you, and you can get through the day without having to worry about anything.

Wasps are insects that can cause some other problem to humans, so it is recommended, at least, keep them a little awayespecially if we are allergic.

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Traps Tricks and Tips to Kill Wasps

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