Types of fertilizer for bonsai: organic and chemical

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The bonsai They are very delicate plants, as beautiful as they are particular, and that is why they require a lot of care to survive. Learning the art of bonsai requires time and knowledge as various issues have to be calibrated in order to preserve the balance of the plant, especially considering that it is a tree that grows in a very limited space and for this very reason there is to offer him what he lacks due to the characteristics of the place where he lives.

Put more synthetically: a limited substrate requires a lot of care that you have to be attentive to. One of the most important refers to the subscriber since the balance in the bonsai nutrients it is key to the good growth of the plant.

Chemical fertilizers

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On another occasion we talked a little about the bonsai subscriberwe list the best seasons to fertilize -spring and autumn- and we analyze the reasons why it is necessary to fertilize following a precise protocol in order to offer the tree the amount of nutrients it needs at all times. The rule is simple: regular fertilizer in small doses. In this way, the plant does not receive in excess and can synthesize the contributions to a good degree.

Now, we haven’t talked about the subscriber types for subscriptionsa very interesting section that allows you to compare qualities and difficulties of each type of fertilizer. The chemical subscribers are one of the frequent options, one of the most popular fertilizers for bonsai. These are fertilizers that come in various formats, they are generally liquid and can be slow or fast release.

The former are perfect to respond to the needs of bonsai since they would meet the requirement of providing regularity but in small doses. There are many options since the formulations vary and the same are the elements that are present or the preparations and modes of use. There are many brands that you can choose from due to the many compositions that offer this type of fertilizer. If you don’t know which one to select, ask your friend nursery and they will recommend an option for the bonsai species you are growing..

Organic fertilizers



The second alternative you can turn to are the Organic fertilizersideal if what you are looking for is nurture your bonsai with natural products. These are created with mixtures of natural products such as bone meal, rapeseed, soy, fish or blood. Then a fermentation takes place that is necessary so that the plants can assimilate the product. The organic fertilizers are slow release and it is common that they come in granules.

Beyond the chosen fertilizer, you can also reinforce the health of the bonsai by applying a vitamin complex at times when you are not fertilizing the tree. In this way, you will strengthen the bonsai reserves so that it grows in a healthy way and is resistant to the attack of pests and diseases.

Types of fertilizer for bonsai: organic and chemical

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