Guide to buy the best flowerbeds on the market


When you see flowerbeds in stores, on the Internet or at the home of relatives and/or friends, it is normal for you to think that they are planters or pots. But the truth is that they are much more: more depth, more size…

When buying it you have to take into account several important aspects. Do you want to know which ones? Pay attention because we help you buy flowerbeds and get it right with them.

Top 1. The best flowerbeds


  • Comes with gloves and tags.
  • Made of metal
  • Maximum height of 30 cm that allows plants with long roots to be planted in it.


  • It has no bottom.
  • Assembly is easy, but it can be broken.

Selection of flowerbeds

Discover other flowerbeds that can meet the needs you have.

Outsunny Square Wooden Garden Bed

Made of wood with a height of 16 cm and without bottom. Specifically, you will have 0,72 square meters to plant. It will be easy to assemble but you should make sure you put it in the garden as it doesn’t have a bottom so it won’t hold the soil you throw in (unless it’s on a flat surface).

Outsunny Set of 2 Steel Garden Beds

Instead of one, you will have two beds, each 100x100x30 cm. Is it so made of metal in a square shape allowing you to plant almost anything you want.

vidaXL Raised Garden Bed

Made of anthracite colored plastic and with measurements of 100x43x35 cm, this is one of the flowerbeds that will best fit in the garden or porch. It is quite deep and wide and you can plant many plants in it.

vidaXL Rectangular Bed Pine Wood

It is made of impregnated and treated green pine wood so that it does not rot. It also has two wooden legs to improve stability and the assembly is quite easy to achieve.

As for its measurements, they are: 120x40x30 cm.

KESSER® Raised Bed with Tiered

It really is a set of flowerbeds that are arranged vertically to be able to plant what you want.

It is made of wood and has an angle adjustment so that you can position them so that the sun hits them. The measurements are 140 cm high, 45 wide and 85 long.

Guide to buying a flowerbed

Buying flowerbeds is not difficult. Hitting the best, yes it is. For this reason, when we decide to buy some, the most important thing is not only that we like the designnor that they enter the budget (although this is a priority so as not to overspend), but to take into account some other aspects that will influence the use or not of these.

Do you want to know what they are? Take note of the following.


In the market you can find with many designs, from the simplest to those elaborate and modern. Obviously, you will choose the one that best suits your style and environment. But in terms of colors, the truth is that you have quite a variety. Although the classics are used (beige, brown, black, white…) it does not mean that there are no other colors to take into account.


The borders can be made of different materials such as plastic, wood or metal. The choice should be determined by you in terms of your needs and/or preferences. It will also influence whether it lasts more or less.

For example, in the case of wood, they are more durable, but require more maintenance, while plastic ones are lighter and easier to maintain, but they do not last long.

Depending on the time you have to maintain it, you can choose one or another material.


Choose a flowerbed that is suitable for the size of the area where you are going to place it and for the number of plants to grow. If at first you see it too big, choose plants that are fast growing as this will avoid this visual problem.

Price range

We cannot tell you an exact price for the flowerbeds since all of the above influences what it will cost you. But this They are usually between 20 and 150 euros approximately. There will be more expensive and cheaper, but in that fork you will surely find some suitable for what you need.

What is a flower bed?

Confused with the term? A Arriate is a set of flowers or plants that are grown in a pot or window box. But, it could also be an area in a garden or park that has been designed to be cultivated with flowers or plants.

Flower beds are usually used to decorate patios, terraces or gardens, and can be planted with annual or perennial flowers, depending on your preferences as well as the climate of the place.

What plants to put in a flowerbed?

There are many options for choosing plants for a flower bed. Everything will depend on the weather, where you place the flower bed, the design, what you can dedicate to it… But, in general, when choosing plants, you have three options:

  • annual flowers: These flowers grow for one season and then die. Some popular choices include petunias, zinnias, and marigolds.
  • perennial flowers: They are those that grow again year after year. If you want flowerbeds that will last for several years, this would be your choice. Some popular choices include daisies, peonies, and asters.
  • Evergreen plants: They are characterized by having green leaves throughout the year and can provide an element of shade and texture to the bed. Some popular choices include hostas, fuchsias, and ferns.

Where to buy?

buy flowerbeds

buy flowerbeds

And now yes, you already know practically everything to make the right decision about flower beds, and the next step is to know where to buy it. In this case there are some options to consider.

The Amazon

It has to be said that does not have as many products as you would like, but it does give you the opportunity to get some that you have not seen in your city (or country).

Of course, be careful with the prices since they can be more expensive.

Nurseries and garden stores

Another option is to visit nurseries or garden stores where they may have bedding. It is true that they will have very few models (sometimes only one), but the prices are usually cheaper.

Do you already know the flowerbeds that you are going to put at home?

Guide to buy the best flowerbeds on the market

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