Liquid manure and its characteristics

homemade liquid fertilizerThis is a type of substance that is used by farmers or farmers as a fertilizer for the soil of your plantsTwo types of liquid manure can also be known, such as animal urine and manure water.

This is used as a solution or also in suspension that is added to the water with which we water the plants, since it results very easy to implement and it helps plants absorb nutrients much faster and more easily.

Types of homemade liquid compost

Animal urine compost

store liquid manure in tanks

store liquid fertilizer in tanksAnimal urine is considered as compost since has a high nitrogen content in its properties. It has been estimated that in an amount of one liter of animal urine there may be approximately 20 grams of nitrogen.

This type of liquid manure can be collected in a barn with a concrete floor. It is most recommended that the urine of the animals is stored in a container with a lid, since with that we avoid losing its fertilizer valuethe bad smells and the flies that can accumulate due to this.

If we want to apply the urine of animals as fertilizer we have to prepare it by adding one liter of this substance in five liters of water with which we will water the plants.

Manure water

Manure water or also known by the name of manure teais a form of liquid compost that is prepared with solid manure.

In this process in which this type of substance is prepared, the manure releases all its nutrients into the water and in this way gives us the possibility that we can use it in plants and so that we can prepare our manure tea we need a quantity of 25 kilos in a bag of any type of manure that we want to use, we place a large stone to add some weight, we tie the bag well enough using a rope and after this we introduce the bag into a water tank that has the capacity for about 200 liters, we cover it and we let the substance ferment for a period of about two weeks.

After this amount of time has passed, our manure tea is ready to be used in the soil of our plants, although we have to take into account that this type of fertilizer must be handled carefullysince the first thing we need to follow is a certain regulation to be able to use the liquid fertilizer.

liquid manure for the land

liquid manure for landWe have to make sure that the operation of the fertilization system is in good condition and of course check if the type of fertilizer that we are going to use is the right one. The type of deposit in which we have stored the fertilizer must be of a strong enough material to contain the fertilizer that we will use and it has to be properly closed.

Said deposit must have a control filter that we must clean before each application of fertilizer and before preparing the fertilizer we have to make sure that the tank is clean and at the same time that it does not contain any product that could cause a reaction with the fertilizer.

In the winter seasons the compost must be diluted so that do not form crystals On nights when it is very cold, it is recommended that the tanks are on a firm enough base or inside a pit to prevent their content from tipping over and spilling into our crops, causing damage to the plants.

In the irrigation heads it is necessary that we install retention valves to avoid that the water mixes with other systems, going on to identify the reservoir and the irrigation system to avoid confusion.

Liquid manure and its characteristics

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