How to remove a wasp nest

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With good weather, one of the inconveniences that practically nobody likes is the appearance of insects. And with them the places in which they have a predilection, which may be the ones that you like. the bees and wasps are more active this time of year and maybe sometime you come across a wasp nest in an area where your children play or where you like to be. How to remove a wasp nest?

If you have found yourself in this situation, you have surely searched the Internet or asked family and friends to get rid of it without getting stung. Or several. So we are going to help you do it with several remedies.

The hornet’s nest of a wasp

The hornet's nest of a wasp

The nest of a wasp

There is no doubt that one of the insects that we least like are wasps, especially if they end up stinging you. Usually, wasps are insects that make their nests in areas protected from inclement weather. But also easily accessible. It is common that you can see them in a door frame, next to a window, or near the pool.

Indeed, who chooses the location is the queen wasp who is in charge of making the nest by herself to put her first spawn. And from there, the nest will get bigger because there will be more wasps. So do not trust yourself thinking that there will only be one wasp.

If you see wasps very often around your house, then there is a wasp nest somewhere, and it is important to locate it because, otherwise, it can be dangerous.

To do this, do a home inspection. You can also wait in the middle of the afternoon, when all the wasps return to their nest, and then you can locate it. In fact, Between mid-afternoon and night is the best time to do it, because these insects are not very active during those hours.. Of course, do not even think about using a flashlight because you will wake them up and make them attack you.

Two more things to keep in mind are:

  • Put on thick clothes. Yes, even if it’s hot. You need to protect yourself completely, not only from stings, but also from some ‘smart’ wasps getting into your clothes and doing their thing. So try to be well protected.
  • have a safe place. For what may happen, you need to have a place as safe as possible, and to which you can reach without any obstacle.

How to remove a wasp nest

How to remove a wasp nest

How to remove a hornet's nest

Now yes, we are going to give you a series of ways to eliminate a wasp nest easily. We recommend that you take all possible precautions because you never know. The best thing would always be to hire a specialist and avoid surprises, but if you want to do it yourself, here are the possible solutions.

Use the smoke to drive them away

Let’s start with a method that does not harm them. Keep in mind that wasps are important after all. So you can get rid of the wasp nest with smoke.

You can make a torch or something that gives off a lot of smokeas if it were a fire. The wasps will come out of the nest because they will think that is what it is, that they are going to burn, and they will be somewhat stunned.

When you see that they no longer come out of the nest you can remove it so that, when the smoke passes, they don’t have that place to return to and go find another. Although sometimes they are insistent and stay there.

spray insecticide

The first thing before applying this technique is that make sure that the insecticide is really effective against wasps, otherwise it won’t do you any good.

In fact, those that are used for wasps’ nests are those that have a cannula long enough to apply it with a reasonable distance (3-4 meters from the wasps’ nest).

Our suggestion is that Use it late in the day to ensure you catch the most wasps. You have to spray it at the entrance of the wasp nest for 10 seconds. And run away. Why? Well, because some of them will come out and they will be very angry so they can attack you.

The next day, if they keep going out, you’ll have to apply the same process until you make sure there are none left. Only then should you throw away the nest and spray again. If nothing comes out, cut it in half and spray again (some may be left half alive, be careful). And ready.

burn the hornet’s nest

This solution to eliminate a wasp nest is perhaps the best known of all, and also one of the most effective, because that way you eliminate the problem. It is done well first thing in the morning (but very early) or at night.

And what is done? Easy, bring a torch, a blowtorch or a rag to light the nest on fire. In this way those who survive will flee from the place and the rest will burn.

How to remove a wasp nest

How to remove a hornet's nest

Watch out. Pour water

This really is the least effective method, and the one that can make the wasps more aggressive. It consists of using a hose to pour water on the nest and thus drown them. But the problem is that the wasps’ nests are usually in high places, so no matter how much water you pour on them, it doesn’t drown them, and it can make them stir and sting you.

Cover the hornet’s nest

Another solution to eliminate a wasps’ nest is to prevent the wasps from leaving. at night better well into the night, you would have to use some plaster, putty or cement and seal each and every one of the entry and exit holes of the hornet’s nest

The goal is none other than to leave them locked up so they can’t get out. Of course, it is quite dangerous because no matter how careful you are, you will move the nest and some wasp “with insomnia” can go out to see what is happening and alert everyone.

use a vacuum cleaner

Here we have two methods: one where you don’t kill wasps and one where you do. The first is easy, it consists of using a vacuum cleaner (preferably not the bag ones) to suck up the wasps. They’ll stay alive in the container, so all you have to do is take them somewhere else and drop them (and run as fast as you can so you don’t get stung).

The second method consists of fill that container previously with liquid soap. Then, you have to vacuum up the wasps (something that can take hours) and, when everything is done, cover the vacuum tube with a towel and wait until the wasps die. In the meantime, you can throw away the wasp nest and eliminate it (but be careful if there is any left, have some insecticide on hand or blow smoke so that they don’t sting you.

Do you use any other remedy to eliminate a wasp nest? You can tell us.

How to remove a wasp nest

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