Yucca cuttings

One way to get new copies at zero cost is multiplying them by cuttings; that is, cutting some stems and planting them in pots to root. However, like everything in life, there is a time that is especially suitable for it and, to be successful, it is very important to take it into account.

Therefore, let’s see what is the best time to make cuttings and what do we need so that they emit new roots as soon as possible.

When do you have to make cuttings?



Cutting or making cuttings is nothing more than separating a small part of the mother plant to create a new specimen that will be identical to it. The best time to do it is in spring, but there are different times depending on the type of plant it is.

Thus, deciduous plants should be multiplied in this way in autumn-winter, while the evergreen at the beginning of the spring season, or in the middle of the afternoon. Succulents, as well as tropical plants, can be cut in spring-summer.

What do I need to cut?

Mint cuttings

mint cuttings

To get new plants identical to the ones you already have, you will need the following:

  • Flowerpot or similar: the most recommended is that it be a conventional pot, either plastic or clay, but if you do not have it, you can use milk containers or yogurt glasses.
  • Substrate with good drainage: to avoid the proliferation of fungi it is necessary to avoid that the earth remains very humid for a long time, which sewer system It’s fundamental. The substrate can be mixed with perlite in equal parts, or simply use vermiculite or cheek.
  • Scissors or small hand saw: the former will be useful for making soft tissue cuttings, while the saw will be very practical to obtain cuttings from stems that are at least 1cm thick.
  • Healing paste: very necessary to seal the wound to the mother plant.
  • Rooting hormones: so that it emits roots as soon as possible. They can be purchased from a nursery, or obtained at home.
  • Water: of course. You can not miss. You have to water regularly so that the roots do not take long to come out.

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