Camellia care in winter.” 2019


  • Temperature regime
  • Suitable places for wintering camellia
  • Growing camellia after dormancy
  • Wintering outdoor camellias

We are often asked: “How to care for camellias in winter.” To your plants successfully survived the winter,

several rules must be followed. Camellia care consists in choosing a place, observing the temperature regime, watering, etc. If you follow our advice, your evergreen camellias will bloom again next year.

Temperature regime

In our climatic conditions, Japanese camellia (Camelia japonica) is not considered hardy. Frost is detrimental to this species. At temperatures from -12 to -14 ° C, camellia leaves change color, and loss of flowers is possible even at -2 ° C.

From autumn to next spring, the camellia should be provided with different temperatures and high humidity. So, during the period:

  • from October to November, the optimum temperature should be around 15 ° C;
  • in November-December – during the beginning of flowering – the temperature is within 6-12 ° C;
  • during flowering 10-15 °C;
  • after flowering 6-12 °C and about 15 °C in spring.

Flowers give us their splendor for six weeks. However, if the temperature exceeds 15 ° C, then the flowering time is reduced to a few days.

Suitable places for wintering camellia

As a rule, these beautiful plants can tolerate slight cold well. As an evergreen species, they even need low temperatures for their flower buds to open. And the camellia blooms winter and early spring.

Plants also need a dormant period. They need to be kept for about 6-8 weeks in a cool, bright place. The temperature in winter should be between 0-12 °C and humidity around 60%. Such conditions for wintering can be found in a cool room, conservatory or frost-free greenhouse without frost. Camellias in sleep mode can also be kept in the basement. And to ensure that the air humidity is high enough, you should regularly spray the plant with water (without lime). Or install a humidifier indoors.

Note that if the air humidity is below 60%, then the camellia often sheds flower buds – a typical plant reaction to being in warm, dry winter rooms.

Wintering camellia in the apartment

Caring for a camellia in an apartment in the winter requires certain knowledge. You can leave your camellias on the open balcony for as long as possible. However, the temperature should not fall below 5 degrees Celsius. Then bring the plants into the house, and after the end of the frosty period, return them to the balcony again. And after the danger of spring return frosts has passed (that is, after May 15). Place the plant in a very bright place, but protect from the sun. Also keep the plants in a draft-free area.

Wintering in a greenhouse

The greenhouse should have a constant temperature between 0 and 12 degrees. Humidity should also be kept constant (60 percent). The greenhouse should also be well lit.

Wintering in the basement

If you prefer to keep the camellia in the basement, then always make sure that the temperature does not rise above 12 degrees Celsius. High humidity is also important.

Growing camellia after a dormant period

After flowering, caring for camellia is simple. She needs a little rest, so she should be in a bright and even cooler place (temperature 6-10 degrees Celsius. After a period of rest, raise the temperature only in spring (up to about 15 degrees Celsius).

Wintering outdoor camellias

If left to winter outdoors, you can use HIGO camellias, also known as camellias with an “H” in the name. The name HIGO refers to the origin of these Japanese varieties (Camelia japonica). They come from the historical province of Higo, which is located in Kyushu (Japan). The market is more expensive than regular varieties. These are camellias, which are distinguished by good frost resistance, mainly due to their simple flowers. Some varieties can withstand winter temperatures of -20°C and are therefore ideal for outdoor cultivation.

But wintering outdoors is impossible without winter protection. Therefore, you should cover them even in regions with mild winters. This is the only way to ensure that the camellia will survive the winter.

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Published: 19.12.2019

Camellia care in winter.” 2019

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