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solar shower

solar shower

A solar shower has many advantages over normal showers. The main one, and the one that many opt for, is being able to enjoy hot water even when you are not at home.

But How to choose a solar shower? Which are the best on the market? What should you pay attention to? If you are wondering, here we give you the information (and models) that will help you to know them more thoroughly.

Top 1. The best solar shower


  • Capacity of 35 liters.
  • Simple assembly.
  • Available to wash your feet.


  • Can leak.
  • Low quality materials.

Selection of solar showers

Here are other options for solar showers that can also be fine.

ASANMU Solar Shower Bag, 20L

It can hold up to 20 liters of water and heat it without any problem. In fact, it has a temperature indicator to know what degrees it is.

In addition, it can be hung at different heights.

Navaris Portable Solar Shower for Camping

It is a folding shower made up of a foot pump and a hose that goes to the 11 liter capacity water tank.

VIESTA 35l Solar Shower

Easy to install and with 35 liter PVC tank. It can be connected to the garden hose and the water reaches a maximum of 60ºC.

Speedshower – Solar shower

It has a 20 liter water tank and a height of 2 meters. The mixer is one-handed, controlling the temperature with the tap to which you want the water to come out.

Formidra Stainless steel solar shower

With a 20 liter tank it is very easy to install. This made of thermo-lacquered aluminium. Higher quality materials than with other solar showers.

Solar shower buying guide

Buying a solar shower is not a decision you should take lightly. Sometimes you have to stop and think about how many uses it will be given, if it is worth the investment and what characteristics it must have to make a good purchase. In the first two questions we cannot help you but we can give you the keys to choosing a good shower.

And these are:


Size does not only refer to whether it is large (to have more capacity) or small, but also the height. As you know, there is various models of solar showers: those that are hung and are like a bag or backpack filled with water, where you should not worry about the height but about the capacity; and the “pool” solar showers where you do have several heights.


If you want a quality solar shower, then this It has to be PVC or polyester. But they are also the most expensive and usually the cheap ones are made of aluminum (which is why they last so little).


A solar shower for one person is not the same as for five. Each person will spend an amount of water in such a way that, if you are many, it will not be enough for everyone. That is why it is important to choose the right capacity of the shower so that it covers all the people who are going to use it.

Price range

We are not going to tell you that solar showers are cheap, because they are not. But The price will depend on whether you choose a solar shower for camping or for a swimming pool.

If it is for camping, you can find showers from 15 euros, the cheapest (and with a small capacity) at 80-100 euros.

If it is for a pool, the price goes up from 80 euros onwards.

How does the solar shower work?

Solar showers do not have a complex operation, quite the opposite. All they do is store the water through a collector. That water is kept and with sunlight, they warm it up in such a way that, when it is used, the water comes out hot and always stays that way (at least until all the hot water it had stored is used up.

As used, the water is replenished, in such a way that it is always kept ready to come out hot. Obviously, if there is no sun, it is more complicated, because the water will also cool down. That is why they are normally used in summer or in places where they will be in the sun all the time (temperate climates).

Where to buy?

You already know everything about solar showers, so the only thing you need is encourage you to buy one to be able to use it at the time. But where is it better to do it?

We suggest some stores where we have seen that they have several models of solar shower. This way you can review all the ones that interest you and choose the one that best suits your pocket and the needs you have.

The Amazon

Amazon is maybe the store where you will find the most. And it is that since they not only have their products for sale, but those of many brands and sellers, they have more quantity. Of course, be careful not to confuse accessories with showers, which can sometimes happen.


When looking for a solar shower in Bauhaus you can find several different models, although there are not too many of them.


Two are the only models they have at Bricomart at this time about solar shower, both related to pool showers and different water capacity. The price is not bad but there are cheaper in other stores.


4 models are the ones you will find in Decathlon about solar showers, most of them focused on camping and with a “container” system where the water is kept and a tube through which it comes out. As for prices, they are not bad since these are cheaper. The other model has a common price in these products.

Leroy Merlin

With 35 different models and cheap prices in many of themthese are the solar showers that you can find in Leroy Merlin. What stands out the most is that it usually has cheaper prices than in Bauhaus and other stores.


At Lidl we are not going to tell you that there is a lot of variety, because that is not the case. They have a shower model and that’s it. But in return it is quite cheap and the quality is not bad.

Have you already decided on your solar shower?

Solar Shower Buying Guide | Gardening On

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