Sedum Sunsparkler ‘Cherry Tart’

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There are many succulent plants that look good anywhere, and the Sedum Sunsparkler ‘Cherry Tart’ is one of them. This little succulent looks beautiful all year round, as it is evergreen and also has very attractive colored leaves.

Do you want to know what it is like and what care you have to give it to make it look as beautiful (or more) than the one in the image above? So let’s get to it.

What are the characteristics of Sedum Sunsparkler ‘Cherry Tart’?

The Sedum Cherry Tart is red

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Our protagonist is a compact succulent plant, with a more or less rounded shape. Its leaves and stems are fleshy, reddish or purple and green. It reaches a height of about 20 centimeters and a width of about 40 centimeters more or less.. Its flowers are pink, and they appear grouped in a terminal inflorescence throughout the spring.

It is not found in nature since it is a cultivar of Sedum. In addition, it is a variety that multiplies very well by cuttings, and that tolerates direct sun without problems.

How is it taken care of?

It’s not complicated. It withstands the lack of water and the heat wellso we can affirm without any doubt that it is an ideal plant to, for example, give as a gift to someone who is starting to grow succulents.

But so that there are no doubts, or to know what to do if they arise, I will explain below what care you have to provide to the Sedum Sunsparkler ‘Cherry Tart’.


It’s a succulent requires being in a sunny exposure in order to be able to grow in conditions. If it lacks light, the stems will begin to grow in search of a light source, the most powerful there is. By doing so you will see that, yes, they will grow fast at first, but in the end they will end up losing strength, they will be thinner and thinner and they will fall. In addition, the leaves will be smaller and smaller.

That is why it is so important to prevent it from becoming like this, putting it in a bright place from day one.


We want you to be as good as possible, so we will put a soil that is light and that helps it to root without difficulty. For example, if you are going to plant it in a pot and would like to keep it in a container for its entire life, you will need to add succulent substrate.

If, on the other hand, you choose to plant your silk in the garden, such as in a rockery, I recommend that you first make a small hole about 30 centimeters deep and fill it with water. Then, calculate the time it takes for the earth to absorb this water. The correct thing would be that as soon as you throw it into the hole, you would see that it is being absorbed at a visible rate; but if it takes an hour or more to absorb it all, then the ideal would be to make the hole twice as large and fill it with succulent substrate.


You have to water your Sedum Sunsparkler ‘Cherry Tart’ occasionally. It resists drought, but not excess water, so it is best to rehydrate it when the earth is dry, completely dry; that is, if it is in a pot, for example, when you pick it up you should notice that it weighs much less than when it is freshly watered. If, on the other hand, it is in the garden, then I recommend that you check the humidity of the soil with a stick.

You should also know that you have to water it in the afternoon, when the sun no longer hits it directly. This will ensure that you make much better use of water.


It is a plant that it is growing during spring and summer, therefore it is advisable to pay it in those months so that you can benefit the most from the subscription. But yes, the instructions for use must be respected and followed, since if this is not done, it could be the case that the segum suffered irreversible damage or, even, that we lost it.


Multiplies by stem cuttings during spring or early summer. To do this you have to follow this step by step:

  1. Cut a stem from the base with a pair of scissors.
  2. Allow the wound to dry out for 3-4 days by placing the stem in a sheltered, dry place.
  3. Then, plant it in a small pot, about 6.5cm in diameter, with previously watered soil for succulents.
  4. Finally, place it in an area with a lot of light but where the sun does not hit it directly.


El Sedum Sunsparkler ‘Cherry Tart’ It resists frosts down to -10ºC, but it vegetates better in warm places.. It should also be taken into account that if your plant is very young, with only one or two stems, it is best to protect it from ice and snow until it grows a little more.

Did you know this sedum cultivar?

Sedum Sunsparkler ‘Cherry Tart’

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