How To Buy Pruning Tools

Summer is the time when plants are most active and that means you have to be aware that their branches do not affect other plants, or your space. For this, having pruning tools at hand is very important.

But Do you know which ones are the best? And what to look for to buy them? If you do not know but you want to have the most suitable for you, then we are going to give you the keys so that you have them. What are you waiting for to continue reading?

Top 1. The best pruning tool


  • They have a cutting width of 50mm.
  • An argument Made of steel with a Teflon treatment.
  • They adjust from 71 to 101cm.


  • It gives problems in cutting small branches.
  • Es difficult to direct the cut.
  • They are heavy pruning shears.

Selection of pruning tools

Below you have a selection of tools in case the first one has not finished convincing you or it is not what you need at the moment.

Davaon Pro Ratchet Tree Pruning Shears

It has a ratcheting mechanism to help multiply the strength power of the hands. In this way, cutting thick branches will be much easier.

WORKPRO 8PC Garden Tool Set

In this case you have a eight-piece set among which you have a storage bag, gloves and 6 pruning tools: pruning shears, hand rake, transplant, trowel, weeder, hand fork.

They are all hand tools.

AIRAJ telescopic pruning shears 700-1030MM

These telescopic pruning shears They can cut branches longer than 50mm. It has a 115mm opening and the blades are treated with a Teflon coating.

It is used for fruit trees, pots, thick branches, etc.

Bosch Lawn and Garden EasyPrune – Battery Pruning Shears

Have you ever seen a battery-powered pruning shears? Well, these are some of them, with a cutting width up to 25mm. It makes smooth, clean cuts and you can make up to 450 of them on a single battery charge.

Bosch Keo 0600861900 – Battery Garden Saw

A battery-powered hand saw, so you don’t have to move it to do its job. It can be held with one hand only and has a 10,8V lithium battery.

They are maximum cutting capacity is 60mm.

Buying guide for a pruning tool

If you have a garden, or a simple plant, you know that, over time, it grows and it is necessary to control it so that it does not get “wild”. When you leave a plant to its free will, it can consume others around it, or have poor development, which would mean that, aesthetically, it does not look good.

To avoid these pruning tools are one of the essential elements for your garden. In this way, you can give them the shape you like, clean them up by removing dead, diseased or weak branches and create a nice set.

Now, what to look for to buy them?


The first thing is going to be the size. As you know, there is large and small pruning tools, Also called “manuals”. What difference there are? Apart from the size, also the function they perform.

The large ones allow you to cover more pruning space, but they are less strong than the small ones because less pressure is exerted on them. On the other hand, the small ones are more manageable and can cut faster and stronger.


Related to the above, apart from its size, you also have to take into account the type of pruning tools. Namely, if they are going to be scissors, hedge trimmers, chainsaws… The truth is that in gardening tools there are many to choose from of different types. Even, between manual and electric or battery.


Speaking of electric ones, it may be the case that you opt for an electric one such as a chainsaw (which is normally used for branches with very thick and large trunks).

In this type of tool you will also have to check the power of the tool since, if you buy one that is not suitable, in the end the only thing you will get is that it stays in a corner collecting dust because it will not serve you for the function for which you had bought it.

Of course, you should keep in mind that they are much more expensive than other more basic tools.


And now yes, perhaps the most important factor of pruning tools: what they will cost you.

Keep in mind that there are many on the market, but it does not mean that you need them all. Usually, you will only use a few to prune your bushes, trees and plants, so the price will depend on the type of tools you need.

But, to give you an idea, you can find them from 10 euros (basic pruning shears) to more than 100 and 200 euros for electric ones.

What is needed to prune a tree?

As we saw before, to keep our tree in perfect and optimal conditions, and for its development to be the best, it is important to prune it periodically, putting maintenance pruning into practice. In the same way, after planting it, it is important that we practice formation pruning to ensure that its growth form is going to be the best.

However, To carry out any of the types of pruning that we have seen in other posts, it is important that we know the tools that are used to carry out this task. Pay a lot of attention:

  • One-handed pruning shears: This type of shears is used to cut branches that measure up to 2 centimeters in diameter.
  • Two-handed pruning shears: This type of scissors is used to cut or prune branches that measure up to 4 centimeters in diameter.
  • Poles with mechanical or manual saw
  • Pruning saws
  • Sierra
  • snake
  • Axes
  • Chainsaw

Note that In addition to the tools, it is vitally important that we take care of ourselves and stay safe using protectors such as a helmet, gloves and appropriate clothing (there are some pants made with certain fibers that, when in contact with the chainsaw, cause the latter to block) to carry out this task. If, for example, the case warrants it, we would also have to think about ropes, ladders, harnesses and other elements that can be of great help when it comes to keeping us safe.

If you’re going to set about trimming your trees, I recommend getting high-quality tools. The cheap can be expensive. Also remember that all the tools we use must be very well sharpened, very clean and totally disinfected.

What is the best tool to cut thick branches?

If you have large trees, or bushes with thick branches or trunks, a simple pair of scissors will not help you much to prune. Therefore, you need another type of pruning tools.

Our best in this case go through:

They are the most effective and the ones that will allow you to cut in less time and without doing so much damage to the tree. Of course, we recommend that you then apply a sealing paste on the cut to prevent it from getting sick from that wound.

How to choose pruning tools at height?

Do you have large trees or hedges that have grown tall? If you cut from below you will not reach all the branches that you must remove. Using a ladder can be a solution, but even so, with some simple pruning shears, you may never be able to finish.

Therefore, for pruning at height, we recommend telescopic scissors (they are long handled and you can cut better). But above all, a hedge trimmer or chainsaw that allows you to cover and finish before.

What are hand tools for pruning?

If what you have are plants, shrubs or small trees, the height tools or those with thick branches are not necessary. Only with a few manuals will you have more than enough.

In this sense, pruning shears are usually the normal choice. And the truth is that these are the most common.

There are also some long pruning shears, also manual, which we could consider in high hedges or in trees with high branches, although in those cases it is convenient to have a ladder at hand to be able to exert pressure on them in order to cut as cleanly as possible.

And, finally, you have available the hand saws, which have a smaller serrated blade but are perfect for medium thick branches.

Where to buy?

buy pruning tools

Now that you know a little more about pruning tools, how about we help you find the best ones? And it is that we have made a search and comparison in some of the stores that are most sought after on the Internet (for this type of article) and this is what you are going to find in them.


It is where you will find more variety. Here you can buy them individually but also in packs with various tools (usually the most used).

Depending on the use you are going to give it, we recommend that you buy a pack (if you are not going to use them much) or individual (if you want the quality of the tool to prevail).

As for the prices, there is everything, from those with good value for money to others that are somewhat high (you can find them cheaper on the outside). The latter is often because they are items sold by third parties.

Leroy Merlin

In Leroy Merlin you have the gardening tools section, among which you will find gloves, pruning shears (both short and long), axes and handsaws, hedge trimmers, rakes, hoes… In short, not only pruning tools but also to keep the garden in good condition.

Depending on what you are looking for, you can access one section or another. And the prices are not bad, there is something for all pockets.

As you can see, having pruning tools is important to properly care for your garden. But they also have to be of quality and above all that they last for a long time. With these guidelines, you can surely find those tools that you were missing.

How To Buy Pruning Tools

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