Cryptocoryne wendtii: what the plant is like and what care it needs

If you like aquatic plants you may know some. On this occasion, we want to show you Cryptocoryne wendtii, a plant for freshwater aquariums.

It is ideal for beginners or for those who want a fairly resistant and adaptable to any water condition. Do you want to know more about her? So feel free to continue reading.

How is Cryptocoryne wendtii

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Originally from Sri Lanka, Cryptocoryne wendtii is a well-known and widely used aquarium plant. In fact, It is almost like the first recommendation given to those who are going to put an aquarium in their homes.

Visually, this plant has several ranges of colors, that is, you can find it in brown, red or green; or even in mixtures of different colors. This means that there is not just one variety, but many of them that differ in color, size and even type of leaf.

Actually, they all have the same name, but each one is different. You see, the green one grows up to 15 centimeters tall and the leaves are flat and large, with a zigzagging shape.. The branches are brown and that contrasts with the green.

For its part, Cryptocoryne wendtii has leaves with curved and elongated edges, coral in color. In order for it to show this hue, it is necessary to provide it with CO2.

Another of the varieties that you can find is the Cryptocoryne wendtii Florida sunset, of various colors. The branches are pink but the broad, medium-sized leaves can have a variety of shades of gold, pink, green and white.

In its natural habitat, it grows in rivers and streams, especially in shady areas where sunlight cannot reach (at least not directly). It can grow from 10 to 35 centimeters tall.

What fish can you have Cryptocoryne wendtii with?

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Before concluding, we want to give you suggestions of fish that can coexist ideally with this aquatic plant. Among them, the best are betta fish and tetras. You can also have some dwarf Iochas and Gouramis as well as peaceful cichlids (but not the massive ones because these would affect the substrate used for the plant and it could die).

Cryptocoryne wendtii care

The care of an aquatic plant is not the same as that of a “normal”. They have their own peculiarities and you have to know the specific ones of the species you choose in order to offer them a habitat that is most in keeping with their nature. Otherwise, the only thing you will achieve is that it ends up dying in a short time.

In the case of Cryptocoryne wendtii, we are going to leave you some tips that you should keep in mind to keep it healthy.

Tips for planting Cryptocoryne wendtii

As an aquatic plant that it is, Cryptocoryne wendtii needs a tank full of water to survive. This should be located in an area where not much light reaches it, since if it hits it directly, the plant will most likely end up burning or dying. That does not mean that you cannot give it indirect light, but that it can and is advisable so that it can develop well.

At the base of the aquarium it is necessary that there be a substrate since the plant needs to be planted directly on it. Being very resistant, and fast growing, it will be able to develop roots in a short time. These will be quite deep and will help it gain a foothold in the tank. This land tries to choose it that is of high quality because many fish can feed on the roots of this plant and it will need to have nutrients to thrive. A mix that may work well is aquarium soil, gravel, and sand. Also, you need a subscriber. You must pour it periodically, and be aware of water changes (at least once a week).

Of course, when you plant it, in a matter of hours, or days, you will see that the leaves begin to die. This is a totally normal process, even if you completely lose the plant. PerOr it is necessary to give it some time because it is normal for it to regenerate again.

Lighting and water quality

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The fact that Cryptocoryne wendtii does not require direct sunlight does not mean that it does not need light. In fact, it is recommended that for an aquarium with this plant you have T5 or T8 fluorescent bulbs. Or, where appropriate, use LED bulbs.

Regarding the water quality, It is necessary to install adequate filtration to improve the water and remove particles from it.

In addition, you have to make sure that the water maintains a pH between 6 and 8. The hardness must be between 3 and 8 dKH. For its part, the ideal temperature for the aquarium will be between 20 and 28ºC.

Propagation of Cryptocoryne wendtii

Reproducing Cryptocoryne wendtii is not difficult, far from it. Yes indeed, You should wait until the plant is well established in your aquarium, and that it has grown a bit, before cutting a stem. This does not need to be removed from the water, in fact, it is recommended that it be planted right there, in the substrate.

It will take a while for it to give signs because the first thing it will do is develop the roots and only when it does, will it start to grow. During that time you will have to watch it in case it deteriorates.

Another way to propagate this plant is with the adult plant. Once it has grown enough it could be divided into several smaller ones and scattered around the aquarium. or serve to place in others. Each of them will be part of the mother plant but can subsist individually.

Keep in mind that, being fast growing, it is normal that you should prune it a bit to prevent it from invading the entire aquarium. Even so, we are talking about a plant for small aquariums, so you should only prune if it starts to stand out from the water (for varieties that are taller).

If you follow these precautions that we have left you, we are sure that your Cryptocoryne wendtii will be perfectly and it will last you a long time, in addition to being able to get new plants from it. Do you have it in your aquarium? Any extra advice?

Cryptocoryne wendtii: what the plant is like and what care it needs

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