Acacia Senegal: Medicinal properties and more about this tree

The Senegal acacia is considered a plant with an interesting use. The properties of this tree are widely used for many things. We will see below some interesting characteristics of the Senegal acacia, as well as its habitat and other things. It must be taken into account that this plant grows in various parts of […]

Acacia seyal: Find out some curiosities about this tree

The acacia seyal is a species of acacia that lives in the tropical zone of Africa and has various uses. In addition, it is interesting to know its history, since its use has been very wide. It is a plant that belongs to the Fabaceae family, and therefore, to the mimosa subfamily. The tribe acacieae […]

Acacia albida: Everything you need to know about this evergreen tree

Acacia albida is an interesting and large plant. In addition, it presents interesting characteristics that distinguish it and make it different from the other species of acacias. One of its distinctive features is that it does not belong to the acacia genus. In this sense, its scientific name is faidherbia albida. The genus of this […]

Acacia salicina: Find out about this highly toxic shrub

The salicina acacia is also known as native willow, or also as weeping willow. However, we are dealing with the kind of salicina acacia. So we will see some interesting aspects of this plant. However, something that defines acacia salicina is its high toxicity. We will see how this affects those who come to consume […]

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