Green rose: discover this type of unusually colored rose bush

green rose

As you know, in the kingdom of roses you can find varieties of many colors, even two and three colors. But, Have you ever seen a green rose? Believe it or not, yes, there are roses of that color.

Below we have investigated to tell you what the history of this green rose is and how it has also been (and is) present in Spain. Do you want to meet her?

The green rose, does it exist?

green roses

It is normal for you to be skeptical when thinking that a green rose exists. But the truth is that it is so. And it is not something new or that is a few years old. Actually It was discovered in 1827 and became known throughout the world in 1845.. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The discovery of the green rose was made by John Smith in the United States. The date is what we told you, 1827. Actually, This green rose is called the Chinese rose verdiflora (or rosa viridiflora). This was a mutation that had come from another rose, the Chinese Old Blush. Of course, apparently there were already records of this strange rose since 1743.

In 1845 the rose began to be marketed by a company, Brambridge & Harrison. And ten years later, at the Paría Universal Exposition, it caused a sensation for its appearance and, above all, for the color of the “petals” (although in reality it lacks them).

How is the green rose

Rosa china'Viridiflora'

Do you want to know what the green rose looks like? To begin with, and as you may have seen, we have put the word petals in quotation marks because it does not have them. Actually, they are sepals with a jagged edge and there are about 48 in total. That is why it has often been confused with other types of flowers. These can measure about 5 centimeters in diameter. They are also fragrant, with a certain smell of pepper. Its flowering time is usually from spring to autumn, but in some climates it is capable of flowering throughout the year.

In addition, they have something very characteristic, and that is that, although they start out green, over time (because they last longer than other roses), these are changing the tone to a reddish brown.

The stem is semi-robust and quite long. In fact, it is not typical of a rose bush, but rather of mountain plants, which is also why it is confused.

The leaves are glossy light green. and, being similar in color to flowers, at first glance they are confused with the leaves, which is why many do not realize this beauty until they get close.

In general, the rose bush is of the shrub type and can measure between 60 and 120 centimeters, as well as about 90 in diameter. It barely has thorns, but the ones it does have are not the usual color, but rather red.

The green rose in Spain

greenish cocoon

When investigating the green rose, we have found that there are references to it (as well as a specimen) in Santomera, in Murcia. It is the only verdiflora Chinese rose in Spain. And one of the few in Europe or even in the United States or Australia.

This rose, which by the way, is sterile (all of them, which implies that they do not give seeds and must always be reproduced by cuttings), comes from the World’s Fair in Paris. It was Juan Murcia Villalonga who brought that plant from Paris to Spain, and more specifically to Santomera, Murcia. His grandson, Claudio, a respected international doctor, was a lover of nature and it was he who took care of the rose. In addition, he created a farm in which he settled the “Garden of Don Claudio”, now disappeared. But that green rose is still alive. And it’s tough enough to have lasted that long.

important precautions

We are not going to tell you that it is easy to find a green rose. Not much less cheap. But they exist and if you ever have the opportunity, knowing the care is essential. Therefore, here we leave them:

location and temperature

The green rose must be outside, that is, outside. Like other rose bushes, this one also needs to be in full sun or, if you live in an area that is too hot in summer, in semi-shade but with the most indirect sunlight (and several hours of direct).

As for the temperature, it is quite resistant to both frost and heat.


You can have a green rose bush planted both in a pot and in the ground. Although it is not demanding in terms of the substrate to be used, it is it is convenient to use a universal substrate with extra perlite so that the soil is more oxygenated.


Irrigation must be frequent in summer, since that is when it can suffer the most heat (to the point of being daily or every 1-2 days). In the rest of the seasons, 1-2 times a week will be more than enough.


Although it is not something that the green rose demands, it can be apply a little manure in early spring to restore some of the nutrients it needs to flourish.

Another option is liquid fertilizer, mixed with irrigation water.


Once flowering ends it is advisable that it be pruned to eliminate withered roses and to keep it in shape. At the same time you will get a better flowering.

This must be done from October to February.

Plagues and diseases

Rosa chinensis verdiflora is not susceptible to pests, in fact, it is more resistant than other rose bushes. However, with fungus you can have a serious problem.

These will appear if proper care is not given, especially lighting, nutrients and pruning.

Are there more green roses?

Well, even if you don’t believe it. The green rose that we have told you about is not the only one, there are two more: Super Green and Wimbledon. Obviously the green color is totally different, but they have a coloration in that color, with various shades, which is what attracts attention.

Now, they are considered more yellow roses with green tones than the standard of being a green flower.

Have you ever seen a green rose? Would you like to have one in your garden?

Green rose: discover this type of unusually colored rose bush

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