Indoor tropical plants: the selection you would like to have

There are times when “special” plants call our attention, those that make us think of exotic ones. These can be kept indoors because their natural habitat can better resemble the conditions we give them. We are talking about indoor tropical plants.

Have you ever thought of having one? Don’t you know which would be the best if you are a beginner or if you have some conditions or others? Don’t worry, we make a list of those that can be at home and need few particularities.



In this case you have several options: adansonii, obliqua, deliciosa… All of them are very similar in terms of care and also in terms of prices. The only one that would escape from these is the Monstera obliqua which, because it is very rare, its price is quite high (the original, sometimes you can find an adansonii in stores that sell it as obliqua).

Regarding care, mainly it will need a lot of indirect light, water often, especially to keep the soil moist and a constant temperature between 18 and 27ºC, it can tolerate even more, only that will slow down its growth.


Another tropical indoor plant that you can have and give that exotic touch to your home is the areca, also known as the bamboo palm. It is oxygenating, since it absorbs the toxins that are in the environment and gives you a purer air.

Regarding its care, you should know that it likes to be in semi-shade and that it needs a very loose substrate so that it does not compact. It is necessary to water it every two or three days in spring and summer, and every fortnight in winter.

weeping ficus

The ficus are plants that have been with us for many years. And you may not consider it exotic anymore. But the truth is that you have some species that are not yet well known, such as the so-called weeping ficus or braided ficus.

This plant is actually a small tree with a twisted trunk. It has greenish leaves that droop downwards and therefore resembles a weeping willow a bit.

It likes to be in a warm climate and needs weekly waterings (several if it’s summer, just one if it’s winter).

Alocasia Polly

Alocasias are often thought to be complicated plants to care for. But the truth is that it is not like that, quite the opposite. All you need is to perfectly understand your plant to be able to treat it as it deserves. and, thus, that he gives you those atypical leaves that he has, which are the most striking of them.

Among the many that there are, we have chosen the Alocasia polly, a bulbous plant where the most characteristic will be its dark green leaves with a lime green vein that runs through the entire leaf. In fact, these will look like plastic, but if you touch them you will be surprised.

With some luck they could grow up to a meter in height and up to two in width.

And your care? Well, to begin with, they need little light. You must be aware that the earth is always humid and that there is a high environmental humidity (60% and up).

Bird from paradise

Bird from paradise

Surely you know this plant. And maybe you thought that you could only have it outdoors, but the truth is that It is one of the indoor tropical plants that adapts perfectly to the interior.

What you have to do? Well, to begin with, put it in a place where it has a lot of light (a few hours direct, the rest indirect). Avoid drafts, especially cold, because it does not tolerate them well. In fact, its ideal temperature is between 12 and 25ºC.

Lastly, irrigation. It is not a plant that requires a lot of water, but if you keep the soil moist (if it is loose and well nourished) it will thank you with a greater chance of flowering, which is just what is worth seeing because its flowers are the most beautiful there is.

persian shield

Have you ever heard it? It is the Strobilanthes dyerianus, a purple plant. It is native to the jungles in Myanmar, and it needs a lot of humidity and heat, in addition to the fact that the soil is always humid.

The most beautiful thing about this plant is, without a doubt, its foliage, since as the leaves grow we find different shades until reaching purple. If you add to that that these are quite large, about 20 centimeters, and that produces many, you will have a plant that attracts attention on its own. And also, with luck, it blooms, and the flower will be bluish tones.


Aglaonema plants come from China and are considered evergreen trees. They are characterized by needing little light but a lot of watering and a constant temperature of 20 degrees.

But The best thing about these indoor tropical plants is their foliage, since it has leaves like plastic, harder than normal, and in a variety of colors, even mixes or combinations that make one stand out from the other. In fact, those leaves can measure more than 30 centimeters in length (and 10 in width).

bat flower

Also known as devil’s flower, the Tacca chantriedri is not a typical plant in homes. But there is no doubt that it is one of the most original indoor tropical plants you can have.

It is so named because its flower resembles a bat. And if you find it and you like it (because the plant gives black flowers), know that it needs a lot of humidity and watering. You will have to place it in a warm area with some lighting.

Of course, it has a problem, and it is that it can smell bad enough to attract insects. Be careful with that if you are one of those with a more developed sense of smell.

embarrassing mimosa

embarrassing mimosa

To end, We also want to recommend this exotic plant. It has the particularity that, if you touch the leaves, they close to prevent you from damaging them (although we do not recommend doing that because it is easily stressed and you can end up making it sick).

The mimosa is a plant that needs little watering, but a lot of humidity and indirect light. When sold as a small plant, what many do is place it inside domes to control humidity and thus make the space resemble its natural habitat.

As you see, there are many indoor tropical plants that you could have at home. Maybe you already have some. Do you recommend any more?

Indoor tropical plants: the selection you would like to have

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