Tips and ideas for designing wall gardens

Are you one of those who see the wall of your garden and come up with thousands of ideas to fill them with plants? Or maybe you have run out of space in the garden to place more plants and you can’t stop? So how about we help you design wall gardens?

Next we are going to give you the steps that you should take and some ideas to design wall gardens in an easy, ecological way and that does not cost you a lot of money. Shall we start?

Steps to Design Wall Gardens

vertical garden Fuente_tudecora

Wall gardens are one of the most fashionable ways to decorate. In fact, they are not only used outdoors, but you could also have them indoors. Obviously you have to take other care for them, and surely choose other types of plants, but in general it will not be too complicated.

Now, designing this type of garden is not easy. Not difficult. If you keep in mind some important points, you will be able to do it easily. Shall we tell you what they are?

Take into account the available space

Vertical gardens need to have a surface to be able to look at. Whether you use bricks and create a kind of shelf; or you want to buy a garden bag to put plants in your pockets, in all cases you need a wall to support it.

And they are not always available. Therefore, you have to make sure that the space you have available is really the space that that wall garden will occupy. Otherwise, it will not look good and you may not even be able to use it.

Be careful with the location

The location is another of the most important points when designing wall gardens, and it is because some plants may or may not be there. Keep in mind that where you have the space available may not be where you can place plants. Perhaps because it does not get sun, because it is very windy, because there is too much sun, because it is a transit area…

There are many factors and the location is one of the most important, not only for plants, but also at a decorative level.

prepare the wall

What is the condition of the wall? Is it okay or on the contrary is it deteriorated? When you are going to put a vertical garden on a wall you have to make sure that the wall is correct. That means:

That will hold the weight of the garden and plants well.

That it is not dirty or has fungi or bacteria that can affect the health of the plants.

Checking this before doing anything will help you avoid having an accident, neither when you ride it nor after you have done it.

Be careful with watering

be careful with watering

If you have a wall garden, irrigation must be carried out in this way (You will not be able to remove each plant, water it and put it back).

This implies that water will fall on the wall and humidity or structural problems may occur if it has not been treated before.

Take into account the plants and their care

Each plant is different, and although many are cared for in the same way, others have peculiarities that, if ignored, can end their life.

Therefore, when designing wall gardens you should consider the types of plants you want to put in this garden to know if they are the most appropriate or not.

Our recommendation is that you try to group the plants according to care. For example, if you have plants that require a lot of sun, others shade, others a lot of water and others little, put them in groups and place them like this in the vertical garden so that, when caring for them, you can establish different guidelines for each of them. those plants. Let’s say that one line of these plants is watered twice a week, the second line once a week and the third four a week.

Also, an outdoor wall garden is not the same as an indoor one.

wall garden type

Choosing which wall garden to put up may seem easy, but sometimes it’s not. And it is not because sometimes it is difficult to opt for just one, or because you do not like any.

The design or style of these wall gardens, when designed, can vary and adapt to what you are looking for, but sometimes this is much more expensive and it is not for every pocket.

But, how about we leave you with some wall garden ideas?

Ecological Wall Gardens

More than ecological, taking advantage of those elements that we have at home and that we are no longer going to use them. If they can be recycled it will help the environment.

An example? Plastic bottles, or even containers, that once removed are thrown away. Instead of making it (or recycling it), you can give it a second life, for example serving as pots, or planters to hang on the wall later, perhaps making a shape or pattern that makes it look curious.

And whoever says bottles or containers can also say glass jars, yogurt cups… Actually, anything that allows you to plant and care for that plant will be fine.

Hanging Gardens

beautiful-vertical-garden Fuente_Decoora

In this case, with tillandsias (you already know that they are plants that do not need soil and live on the air), you could create a kind of curtain in which these plants were fixed to make it look like a cascade of plants.

And before you ask us, know that yes, these plants flourish with luck (they are somewhat complicated to achieve). If they do, you’ll see that the show is one of the best.)

Gardens made with pallets

Another option, which is usually cheaper, is to design wall gardens with pallets. These can be hung or supported on the wall in such a way that they become shelves. In addition, you can paint them in the colors that you like the most and treat them so that they can withstand inclement weather.

In fact, many can be turned into planters, like a vegetable garden, and combined with decorative plants they can look quite good.

As you can see, designing wall gardens is not difficult, you just have to think about how you could improve your garden to redesign it using what you have or with very little investment. Can you think of anything else?

Tips and ideas for designing wall gardens

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