How to buy outdoor LED spotlights: a practical guide


There are times when you need to have led spotlights outside the home. They can be to illuminate the part of the garage, but areas of the garden… But, when buying them, how to get the right outdoor led spotlights?

If you don’t have much of an idea, and you don’t want to buy something that isn’t really going to work for you later, take a look at the guide that we’ve prepared for you with which you’ll get everything clearer. Shall we start?

Best outdoor led spotlights

Best brands of outdoor led spotlights

Buying outdoor led spotlights is not easy, since there are many brands and models on the market. How about you take a look at some of those brands?

Amazon Basics

We start with the Amazon articles in terms of outdoor LED spotlights because the quality-price that they can offer you is quite affordable for pockets (and the features that these items have can be interesting to meet most needs).

Amazon Basics is Amazon’s “white” brand, but with the same quality as the products you sell from other sellers.


Garza is one of the brands (and stores) specialized in lighting and, of course, also in outdoor LED spotlights.

The company was born in the 60s as a heating specialist in Spain, being pioneers in the first oil radiator. However, now with the passage of time They have been increasing their products guaranteeing the best well-being for the house.

Buying guide for outdoor led spotlights

Outdoor led spotlights can have many uses. You can use it the same to illuminate an area of ​​your garage, or to illuminate a part of your garden. for that very reason It is not the same to buy them for one use than for another. And looking only at the price factor may be the worst thing you can do.

Because? Because there are other factors that you should take into account, including the following:

LED spotlight type

Did you know that there are different types on the market. We are not only talking about sizes, but also about styles. In general, you can find reflective, recessed, spotlights… And each one of them has a series of benefits and disadvantages that will be according to the use that is given to them.

power and brightness

When you are going to buy outdoor led spotlights, the first thing you want is for it to be powerful enough and to give a lot of brightness. But perhaps it has ever happened to you that you have bought one and when it comes to using it it has fallen short. Or it just hasn’t helped you at all.

Wattage, which is measured in watts (W) and brightness, which is measured in lumens (lm) should be as high as possible. But be careful, because one that has low power, but many lumens, will be much better than the one with the two high numbers.

color temperature

In case you don’t know, the color temperature refers to the color that the light bulb will emit. This can be warm, when the light is yellow; neutral, when it is white; and cold, when it emits a very bright white light.

If what you want is for the spotlight to illuminate an area where you are going to be with family and friends, then choose a warm light. On the other hand, if you want a light that helps you work or that gives you greater security, then the neutral one or, better, the cold one.

lighting angle

Another important aspect when buying outdoor LED spotlights has to do with the lighting angle. That is to say, how much they will illuminate in an arc. There are some whose angle is quite narrow, while others cover it more (yes, be careful because the light intensity will be less).


We continue with important aspects when buying outdoor led spotlights. And the last one before talking about the price is its resistance. Specifically, the one that is resistant to inclement weather, more if you are going to leave it outside.


As we said, it is the last factor that we will discuss, and it is related to all the previous ones (as well as others that we have considered secondary).

The price of the spotlights has a fairly wide range, since you can find them from 20 euros. The higher the power, the brightness, depending on the color temperature, the style… it can go up or down what they ask for it.

Where to buy?

Where to buy them Source_Amazon


Now that you have all the keys to buy outdoor led spotlights, the last thing you have to do is know where to do it. And since we do not want to leave you with that doubt, below you can see some store options and what you will find in them regarding this article.


Decorative or not, you have more than fifty thousand results (you know that much less when removing accessories and other related products that do not have much to do with LED bulbs). On Amazon you will be able to get a variety and different styles, something that is not easy to find in other stores (which is why many opt for it).

As for prices, they are not bad, they are in line with the market, although sometimes you can find offers that lower the price a bit.

Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin can be one of the best stores to search for outdoor LED spotlights. And it is that you get more than fifteen hundred different results in these spotlights, although within them you had to filter by outdoor recessed spotlights and outdoor led spotlights (even when the search is done it shows you all).

Their prices are quite affordable and in line with what you find in the marketmaybe with some offers on some of the models.


Some thirty-five articles is what you are going to find on this occasion in what is now called Obramart. They are products more focused on work, so their design is not as decorative. But the utility they have could be interesting to you.

Have you already opted for outdoor led spotlights?

How to buy outdoor LED spotlights: a practical guide

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