What is rosemary alcohol for: all uses

What is rosemary alcohol used for?

There are times when natural products can help your body feel better. And many of these come from plants. One of them is rosemary alcohol, a maceration of rosemary branches in alcohol. But, what is rosemary alcohol good for?

If you did not know it (since it is a rather unknown product) below we give you the keys so that you understand what type of product it is and what it can be used for. And we already tell you that it is for several things.

What is rosemary alcohol

fresh aromatic plant with medicinal properties

As we told you at the beginning, rosemary alcohol is a mixture between rosemary branches (preferably freshly cut) and 96-degree alcohol. When they are combined and allowed to macerate for a while, this preparation is very effective for some ailments or parts of the body.

The exact amount of ingredients is to add 30 grams of rosemary essence (or 2-3 sprigs of rosemary if possible) for each liter of alcohol. Then you have to leave it for 15 days. You have to keep it in a cool place and if possible dark.

past that time you can strain if you want, although many leave it that way so that it continues to macerate while it is used. Of course, always in a dark place so that there is no problem.

What is rosemary alcohol used for?

rosemary medicinal plant

Now that you have a better idea about rosemary alcohol, how about we focus on the uses that you can give it? The truth is that there are many, so we are going to focus on the main ones. These are the following:


One of the first uses of this alcohol has to do with cellulite. Thanks to the antioxidant substances it contains, such as rosmarinic acid or chlorogenic acid, you will benefit from an improvement in blood and lymphatic flow, as well as a reduction in cellulite.

Of course, to achieve this you must be constant and in the long term, since it is how it works best.


And if we talked about cellulite before, it also has to do with the elimination of varicose veins. This is mainly due to the rosmarinic acid that we told you about before, since by improving blood circulation, there is less chance of it coming out.

In addition, the improvement also affects the swelling of the feet (eliminating them) and, with it, preventing you from having a feeling of tiredness or heavy legs.


Did you know that rosemary alcohol works as an insect repellent? Well yes, it is another of the uses that you can give it, and also much healthier and more effective than if you use a specific product that you buy.

And it is that you can apply it to the skin and forget that mosquitoes want to bite you because the truth is that they are not going to get close to you.

Facial tonic

And who says facial, says for any part of the skin. If you put it on, you will benefit by noticing a much softer, hydrated skin with fewer pores and better circulation (pinker, more alive).

This is also closely related to the above because you can throw it all over your body and nourish it as well as prevent insects from getting close.


Are you losing hair? Well, although you may think that alcohol will make a dent in your hair, the truth is that it is one of the oldest uses. In fact, It is said that it acts against stress alopecia.

You just have to add a few drops to the shampoo and wash it as usual.


Related to the above,rosemary alcohol is also very effective against dandruff. It is used the same as we have mentioned before, that is, adding a few drops in the shampoo and washing as usual.

Of course, we recommend that, when it comes to doing it, it is when you go to bathe, and not do it all at once to forget about it because it could not have as much effect.

For colds and flu

natural cosmetics

Another of the uses that you can give to rosemary alcohol has to do with colds and flu. At that time we usually have difficulty breathing. Well then, rubbing your back and chest with this alcohol can help you breathe betterbut also to remove those “snot” that you have in your chest and throat and that prevent you from breathing, swallowing or that you always want to “remove” them.

rheumatic pains

Rheumatism is one of the most disabling pains there is, as well as painful. Having arthritis or osteoarthritis, especially when experiencing crises, can force us to change our lifestyle.

Therefore, rosemary alcohol is used to improve mobility and treat pain. It is not the panacea nor will it cure you, but you will feel improvement when using it, which is enough to prove it.


Do you suffer from stress and anxiety on a daily basis? It is completely normal. What you may not know is that rosemary alcohol can help you feel better.

What you should do is put a little on your wrists and bring it up to your nose to breathe deeply. Rosemary itself appears to have a calming effect on the body.

You lose nothing by trying it.


Headache is something that everyone goes through, some several times a day.. If you do not want to medicate continuously, what you can try is to pour a little of this alcohol on your temple and massage gently to see if you notice improvement.

Those who try it say that the relief is almost immediate.

Dolor muscular

If we told you before that it relieves rheumatic pain, the use of this when you have muscle pain can also be a good use of this alcohol. You just have to massage the area that is sore and you should feel relief.

As you can see, if you were wondering what rosemary alcohol is for, here are several answers. These are not all the uses it has, but the most important ones. Do you know of any more that are important?

What is rosemary alcohol for: all uses

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