Is it good to spray plants with water?

In many places I have read that you have to spray the plants at least once a day, which is something that worries me a lot because not always a good idea. For example, if I did it myself, it wouldn’t be long before I saw how the leaves were filled with fungus. And it […]

How to recover a ficus that has lost its leaves

A ficus is one of the most common evergreen plants that you can have both indoors and outdoors. The problem is that, sometimes, you can find that it loses its leaves. And you don’t really know what happened. Do you want to know how to recover a ficus that has lost its leaves? So, pay […]

Tips and ideas for designing wall gardens

Source: Casafe Are you one of those who see the wall of your garden and come up with thousands of ideas to fill them with plants? Or maybe you have run out of space in the garden to place more plants and you can’t stop? So how about we help you design wall gardens? Next […]

How to buy outdoor LED spotlights: a practical guide

Source_Amazon There are times when you need to have led spotlights outside the home. They can be to illuminate the part of the garage, but areas of the garden… But, when buying them, how to get the right outdoor led spotlights? If you don’t have much of an idea, and you don’t want to buy […]

What is rosemary alcohol for: all uses

There are times when natural products can help your body feel better. And many of these come from plants. One of them is rosemary alcohol, a maceration of rosemary branches in alcohol. But, what is rosemary alcohol good for? If you did not know it (since it is a rather unknown product) below we give […]

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