Know what chicken manure is and where it comes from

chicken manure

chicken manure

Chicken manure basically consists of the chicken manure that is prepared to later be used within the livestock sector and also in the agricultural industry. The main element that composes the Chicken Manure is the manure of those chickens that are raised for eggs. Within the agricultural sector it is of great importance to know how to distinguish the Chicken manuresince the latter has as its main element the manure of those chickens that are raised for later consumption.

It is essential that chicken manure is fermentedsince in this way it is possible decrease the amount of microorganisms it containssuch as bacteria, which, if they exist in a high concentration in chicken manure, could become dangerous. The microorganisms found in the chicken manure When it has not yet been fermented, it has the ability to compete for nutrients in plants, causing great damage and various adverse results.

Elements that make up chicken manure

Elements that make up chicken manure

Elements that make up the chicken manure

When talking about the chicken manure that used as compostwhat you mean like organic fertilizerit is required that the chicken manure is fermentedin order to transform the chemicals it contains, which are: potassium, phosphorus, carbon and nitrogen. After the fermentation is complete, it is possible to add some organic waste such as cereal husks, husks, straw, wood chips, among others, which will help improve compost and optimize its effect.

Chicken manure has a high nitrogen contentwhich turns out to be essential for both plants and animals manage to assimilate other nutrientsdevelop proteins and also to absorb energy. The same way, it is possible to find a large amount of carbonwhich is essential so that both plants and animals can make the most of oxygen, also for it to be optimally develop each of the processes important parts of your cells.

Likewise, the primordial chemical elements that are part of the composition of chicken manure are, as we have already mentioned, the potassium and phosphorus. On the one hand, potassium helps to maintain the balance and absorption of water and is also in charge of osmotic function of each of the cells; on the other hand, phosphorus is essential for metabolism.

What is Chicken Manure used for?

chicken manure

chicken manure

Chicken manure is frequently used as a dietary supplement in raising livestock, since has a high chemical richness and a large amount of nutrientsLikewise, it is also often used as compost.

The chicken manure is made up of many nutrientswhich are found there because the hens only assimilate 30% or 40% of those nutrients that they consume with their daily diet; that’s why he 60 or 70% nutrients that they do not assimilate ends up being part of their manure.

It is generally recommended the use of chicken manure as fertilizer for cropssince it has a fairly affordable cost and its composition is really rich and favorable. Commonly only 600g or 700g of chicken manure are needed per square meter to achieve optimal results. However, on certain occasions, if the soil shows some kind of impoverishment, it may be necessary to apply up to 1kg of chicken manure per square meter.

How to get chicken manure?

If you have some chickens in your home and you want to get the most out of their manure by using it as ecological compost, you should know that it is necessary, that you first apply several products that they will help you reduce microorganisms to convert manure in chicken manure.

It is important to note that the chicken manure itself, it is not considered as chicken manure and to achieve that it is actually chicken manure it is required to go through the fermentation process.

Now you know better what this type of manure consists of and where it comes from.

Know what chicken manure is and where it comes from

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