What to do so that the fig tree bears figs

Surely, if you have a garden, or you like bonsai, you have ever bought a fig tree. Perhaps you have even planted it expecting it to bear fruit. But, what to do so that the fig tree bears figs? Just plant it and that’s it?

If you have a fig tree and it doesn’t give you figs, or it gives you figs but in the end they fall and never get to ripen to eat them, here we give you the main reasons why it happens and some tips to improve this.

Why the fig tree does not bear figs

fig tree

We are going to start first by knowing what happens to your fig tree so that it does not bear fruit. Usually, fig trees are very easy to care for, and will almost always bear figs. The problem is that if we don’t comply with the right conditions, as much as we want, we won’t get results.

These conditions can be:


Have you ever wondered how old the fig tree is? Trees have an active period and another that is not. In other words, it will depend on how old you are to know if you can produce figs or not.

When a fig tree is not old enough, it does not produce fruit.because it will not produce seeds either. In general, all fig trees up to 2 years old will do nothing. But it doesn’t mean that if after two years it doesn’t do anything, it’s useless. Some can take up to 6 years to do so.

On the other hand, if the fig tree is already very old, no matter how much you love it, its time has passed, and that means that it does not bear figs.


Another reason why the fig tree does not give figs is an excess of nitrogen. This It may be because there is too much excess in the soil, although this usually happens due to the fertilizer you are using.

Check that you use it properly; try to add less quantity than the one proposed by the manufacturer and even dispense with it. These are some of the actions that you can see to solve the issue of the fruits. Increasing phosphorus can help you too.

Note that Nitrogen is mostly used for plant growthhave many leaves and branches… but do not act on the fruits.

increase the production of figs

Bad watering

This is where almost all of us make mistakes. And sometimes we do it unconsciously. Fig trees have a greater evil, called “water stress”. But what is it?

It is a situation to which the plant is subjected when there is an excess or deficit of water. This causes the fig tree stops bearing figs, or if it does, it throws them away. Many times in nurseries, they recommend more or less water (some will say that it needs a lot of water, and others that you do not water it). Well, everything will depend on where you have it, the weather, how much sun it gets…

According to the experts, to guarantee a fig production it is necessary that, during the months of April and May, it is watered abundantly. And in summer do not water it just because if you do you could overflow it and throw them away.

bad land

As a general rule, the land in most cases does not have to do with the problems for which the fig tree does not give figs. But when all of the above is ruled out, you have to analyze the soil in which the plant is to know if it has excess or lacks any nutrient that is responsible for the fig tree not being productive.

What to do so that the fig tree bears figs

fruits of a ficus carica

Now yes, we are going to see some common cases and what to do to make the fig tree bear figs. It is not something that is magical, that is, that you apply it and it works. Each plant is different and, either because of its adaptation, the climate, or for any other reason, it may or may not react positively (it shouldn’t get worse).

Control the temperature

The first thing you will do is control the temperature and know if it is suitable for a fig tree. These need mild temperatures, yes, but also a lot of sun. The more sun it receives, the better because it will help the production of figs.

If you live in an area where the summers are mild and the winters cold, if the latter are very cold, you should protect the fig tree because it may be damaging due to the temperature.

a good watering

The next important point to consider is irrigation. It is important to know how much your fig tree needs, and also, according to the experts, and as we have mentioned before, it is important to help it produce figs. And that implies:

  • that during the months of March, April and May it is advisable to water abundantlyalthough without going overboard, so that it accumulates the water and, with it, ensures the production of the figs.
  • The fact that will throw away the figs if it is in a situation of water stress. In other words, if you do not provide enough water, to safeguard itself, it will prefer to sacrifice the fruit rather than damage the plant. And if you miss him more, he will do the same.

For this reason, it is recommended to irrigate abundantly before production and sparingly afterwards to avoid this problem.


Almost everyone will tell you that fig trees have to be fertilized to give them the nutrients they need. But is it really so? The truth is that, unless have deficiencies in the ground (lack of phosphorus, nitrogen, etc.) the normal thing in a fig tree is not to pay it.

To know if you should do it or not, our recommendation is that buy a soil test kit (which is not usually very expensive) and check what your fig tree needs. In this way you will be on the safe side and you will be able to provide a suitable fertilizer.

But, as we have told you, the fig trees themselves do not need it.

a good pruning

Another of the actions that you can carry out so that the fig tree gives figs is pruning. Many times we think that if we cut branches, that the only thing that will do is that there will be less production of figs. But when it gives you trouble, it’s convenient. Even without giving them to you.

The pruning that is carried out can have the purpose of obtaining a good harvest. To do this, you have to cut all the dead, broken or diseased branches. It is convenient that you clarify the central area well so that the air and sun can reach all parts of the plant.

Then, cut the branches that come out vertically, because these do not suit you. It is better to leave the horizontal ones.

Now that you know what to do to make the fig tree bear figs, all you have to do is put it into practice and see if some of these tips are enough for your plant to have a positive result.

What to do so that the fig tree bears figs

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