Grow Stevia at home

If you have a family member or friend who suffers from pancreatic insufficiency such as diabetes, then you may have heard about sweeteners, but have you also heard that all these products are made from Stevia? Did you know that you can grow Stevia in your own home and forget about the harmful effects of sugar on your body?

Stevia is a miraculous tropical plant native to Paraguay that has gained ground throughout the world market for its sweetening property and health benefits, it has far surpassed the properties of sugar and has also shown us that it can be easily grown in our homes.


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  • 2 Grow Stevia at home

The process when growing Stevia

these are stevia leaves

Before talking about how to grow Stevia , it is necessary to know a couple of things about this great plant. To begin with, from the extract of Stevia leaves, a substance is obtained that has up to ten times the level of sweetener that can be found in a a sugar tablespoon.

It has a third less calories than those found in a grain of sugar and at the same time it is easier to enter the digestive system due to its rapid absorption.

It is convenient to talk a little about sugar, because when cultivating Stevia you can ask yourself about which one? and because? one is better than the other and in the first place, you should know that the consumption of sugar at our table is something that transcends the traditional, it is known worldwide that our ancestors already did it, what they ignored was that sugar is high in empty calories , where these calories mostly ended up turning into fat and harming our health. Despite the fact that sugar has a natural origin from sugar cane or beet, it is necessary to avoid its consumption so frequently.

In the case of Stevia, things are a bit different, because this plant, in addition to being sweeter than sugar, can help our digestive system to work better due to its digestive action without adding calories, which makes the plant full of properties, so much so that currently not all its benefits are exploited , but instead, it has always been the healthiest sweetener par excellence.

Cultivating Stevia can be a very simple practice from which you can have very good results, it is enough to know a little about our area , see how often it rains or droughts arrive and, above all, look at the soil and the seasons.

Stevia is a tropical plant, so it should be in places with moderate shade and sun , but always away from intense winds, as its stem does not tend to be very strong and the soil from which its root is attached tends to be mostly humid. .

The process of extracting the syrup from the Stevia leaves and, like that of its cultivation, has been modernized over time in order to make the most of its properties and cover a greater capacity compared to the exploitation of sugar cane. . Unfortunately, for many , sugar is still the sweetener par excellence in their dishes , and the market for sweetener products made from Stevia is currently mainly aimed at people who, due to health reasons, their system cannot process common sugar.

It is here, where the only option is sweeteners to bring flavor back into their lives.

Grow Stevia at home

grow stevia plant at home

Let us be aware that if we have enough space in our home, we will only need a pot and a small cutting of Stevia to start being masters of our health, since loving ourselves is easy, but going on an appropriately healthy path and without guarantees of Losing it is something that life takes care of not giving you, that is why little things like this bring valuable knowledge that you can share with friends and family.

Grow Stevia at home

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