Types of Gazania and tips to keep them healthy

One of the most curious flowering plants are the gazanias: its petals only open on sunny days, and close when it gets dark. Therefore, it is in summer when they are most beautiful, since it is when there are more days in which the star king remains without being hidden behind the clouds.

But, although they all seem the same to you, the reality is that after a little research you can realize that there are several types of gazanias. The most common are G. rigens and hybrids, but there are more that you can decorate your garden or patio with.

Varieties of gazanias

There are an estimated 19 types of gazanias. All of them are originally from Africa, specifically from the south of the continent. The best known are the following:

Gazania krebsiana

Gazania krebsiana is yellow

The Gazania krebsiana It is a variety with semi-hanging green stems, which reaches an approximate height of 15 centimeters. The flowers are yellow or orange and they measure about 3 centimeters in diameter.

Gazania linearis

Gazania linearis is a flowering plant

The Gazania linearis It is a plant that reaches a height of 20 centimeters and a similar width. Its leaves are oval, dull green, and have a pubescent underside. The flowers are yellow, orange or bicolor (white with pink center).

gazania nivea

The gazania nivea It is a variety that grows up to 25 centimeters in height. It has stems that are usually creeping, silver-green in color. Y flowers are orange, yellow with red stripes, or bicolor (yellow and orange).

gazania crawling

The gazania crawlingalso called creeping gazania, is a carpet plant that reaches 15 centimeters in height by about 40 centimeters in width. It has silver-green leaves, and its flowers are yellowabout 4 centimeters in diameter.

Gazania freezes

Gazania rigens is a common plant

The Gazania freezes it is the most common species. It is 20-25 centimeters tall, and has green leaves on the upper side and pubescent on the underside. It produces flowers similar to those of daisies, although larger: they measure 4-5 centimeters in diameter. Are they are yellow, red, orange, pink or bicolor.

Gazania thermalis

The Gazania thermalis It is a plant that measures between 50 and 80 centimeters in height. As his last name suggests, lives near springsto be more specific, from hot brackish water. It is a threatened species, since its habitat is being destroyed.

What must be taken into account when decorating with gazanias?

Our gazania They are small, fast growing, and very appreciative. It is interesting to have some, because regardless of the experience you have growing plants, with them you will be able to give a touch of color to your garden or balcony for several months. But although they are easy to maintain herbs, it is wise to take into account their basic needs:

They must be in sunny places

This is essential. If the sun does not shine directly on them, they will not flourish.and its growth will be weak. For this reason they can be had on balconies and patios exposed to the star king without any problem. In addition, they are very good both in pots and in planters, which are used to plant together with other gazanias or plants of a similar size, such as carnations.

Water them from time to time

Gazanias bloom if they have light

Gazans dry up as soon as the soil runs out of moisture. When that happens, the leaves and flower stems fall off, as if they are hanging. In extreme cases, they can even attract aphids and / or mealybugs, pests that they will take advantage of to weaken them even more. To avoid it, you have to water an average of three or four times a week in summer, and less when the weather cool.

Fertilize them to grow healthy

If they are planted in the garden soil, it is advisable to add a handful of powdered compost in spring and summer.; and if they are in pots or planters, with specific liquid fertilizers for flowering plants (for sale here!) following the indications that you can read on the product packaging.

An alternative to the latter are fertilizers authorized for organic farming, such as seaweed fertilizer (for sale here!) or guano, but make sure they indicate it, as it is not difficult to find (chemical) fertilizers that contain organic manures.

Protect them from the cold if necessary

Our protagonists They are plants that withstand the cold, but frost hurts them. Only the Gazania freezes it can withstand up to -3ºC, provided it is for a short time. Therefore, if you live in an area where the temperature drops a lot in winter, it is better that you grow them in pots so that, when it drops below 10ºC, you can put them at home.

Decoration ideas with gazanias

To finish, we are going to leave you some ideas so that you can decorate with these plants. Gazanias, being small and having really curious flowers that open with the sun and close when it sets, are widely used to beautify gardens, balconies and terraces. You just have to take a look at these images:

Types of Gazania and tips to keep them healthy

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