Bat guano, organic fertilizer rich in phosphorus and calcium

The bat guano is a ecological compost and organic, which will provide the plants of our flowerpot, once the germination and development stage has been passed, essential nutrients for it, such as match and football.

Plants feed on mineral nutrients that is in the substrate and that they extract through the roots. For these nutrients to be absorbed by the plant, they must be dissolved in water of the substrate. Potted plants end up needing an extra supply of nutrients, as their soil becomes poorer as the plant grows.

Bat guano is rich in phosphorus and calcium, in addition to stimulating the plant’s defenses against bacteria. The match It helps the development of the roots, its lack affects the growth of the entire plant, including flowers and fruits. The football contributes to the formation of cells, its deficit causes a small and deformed foliage, with rotting of flowers and fruits.

Given the complexity of collecting it, the best option is to buy it; also we will obtain it already sterilized free of unwanted bacteria. Preferably in powder, adding one or two tablespoons per pot in the upper layer of the substrate or making a guano tea.

The guano tea We can obtain it by mixing a liter of very hot water with 100 grams of bat guano. We mix it vigorously for about 15 minutes and let it marinate for four or five days; then we can mix it with four more liters of still water, thus obtaining a good broth rich in nutrients.

Bat guano is one of the most popular natural fertilizers today, but it has been used by farmers around the world for centuries. They say that in the XNUMXth century the Incas of Peru valued guano of any origin so much that the punishment for those who harmed the animals that produced it was death. During the last years of the XNUMXth century in the United States, guano originated by bats was so valuable to farmers that the government offered free land to anyone who discovered guano deposits.

Today, however, we are fortunate that we do not have to search the caves or train bats at home. It is enough to buy it directly in our usual specialized store.

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Bat guano, organic fertilizer rich in phosphorus and calcium

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