What gardening jobs can be done in winter?

With the arrival of cold and frost the gardener cannot rest. Throughout the year you can do things in the garden, even in the cooler months. Regardless of where you live, plants will need some care to get spring off to a ‘good start’.

But What gardening jobs can be done in winter?

To water

Blue watering can

Especially if the climate in your area is rather dry, it is advisable to water the plants (also the lawn) to prevent them from drying out. As during this season the water is usually very cold, it is best to let’s water in the central hours of the day which will be when the sun’s rays can get to ‘warm’ the soil a bit and, therefore, the roots.

In these months the growth is practically nil. The plant only uses energy to stay alive, but not to develop. A) Yes, irrigation has to be scarcealways letting the substrate or soil dry before watering again, since otherwise the fungi could damage it.

Stratify seeds

Aesculus glabra

The stratification It consists of putting the seeds in a container (usually a tupperware) in the fridge to keep them cold for 2-3 months. It is a way of imitating nature, something that is very useful if we want to have species from temperate climates in slightly warm regions.

To do this, you need a tupperware (preferably transparent), porous substrate (perlite and black peat in equal parts for example), and of course the seeds, which must be buried in the substrate. Put them in the fridge, at about 6-7ºC, and in a matter of about eight weeks they will begin to germinate.



Another thing that can continue to be done is compost. If you have a compost bin, or if you have an area of ​​the garden that you are not using at the moment, you can gradually put the vegetable remains there to, over time, get a soil rich in nutrients that your plants will love.

In this article we give you more information on how to compost: click here.

Do you do other jobs in your garden in winter? Tell us .

What gardening jobs can be done in winter?

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