What is a jalapeño pepper and how hot it is

Surely you have already tried on some other occasion the jalapeno pepper. This vegetable is very popular in various cuisines, especially in Mexico. It is very striking that sometimes it can sting more than others, why is that?

In this post we will explain what exactly is the jalapeño pepper and how is its cultivation. In addition, we will discuss how spicy is it and why it can sting more or less. If you feel even a little curious, I recommend that you continue reading.

What is jalapeno pepper?

The jalapeño pepper is one of the most consumed and cultivated

The jalapeño pepper receives this name because its traditional production is carried out in Xalapa, a Mexican city located in Veracruz. It is also known as chile cuaresmeño and It is a variety of chili that is most consumed and cultivated in the American continent. Only the country of Mexico dedicates more than six thousand hectares to plantations of this vegetable, the most producing regions being the Delicias area and the region belonging to the Papaloapan river basin. The plant belongs to the genus Capsicumwhich in turn is part of the Solanaceae family.

Regarding the size of the jalapeño pepper, it usually measures around ten centimeters long, while its base usually measures about three centimeters wide. It is an elongated, meaty and firm vegetable. Considering its attractive appearance and its high aromatic level, it is not surprising that it is very popular in world gastronomy. Of course, it is not for everyone’s palate. Those who are less spicy should avoid eating this vegetable.

The jalapeño pepper is used in cooking before and also after its ripening. It should be noted that a high percentage of the total production of this vegetable It is used for drying. It is a method of preserving food. It is basically a process by which water is extracted from the vegetable. The jalapeño pepper that has gone through this process is called “chipotle pepper”, which would translate as “smoked chili”.


As we have already mentioned, the main jalapeño pepper production regions are Delicias, which is in the state of Chihuahua, and the Papaloapan river basin, which is in Veracruz. There, not only cultivars of this species are planted every year, but also various hybrids. In those areas where these plants are planted under irrigation, the yields are very good, reaching yields of about 25 tons for each hectare planted.

What is a jalapeño pepper and how hot it is

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