How to have a vertical garden at home

The vertical garden at home is a trend. In fact, a fondness for caring for various plants and flowers has spread among people today.

The advantages of vertical gardens are many and very varied. Decoration lovers will have in this type of ornament the perfect ally to make their patio or balcony a place worth admiring for visitors.

Also, since these are vertical spaces, not only do they not need a large space for installation but we can have all those plants or flowers that we enjoy seeing in a single hole, without the need for dozens of jars.

Your vertical garden at home

This marvel of botany can also be enjoyed indoors, serving among other things as an original room divider and even as a decorative element such as a painting or a cupboard of food such as lettuce, tomatoes, parsley or others in the kitchen.


Gone is the belief that those who live in cities have to do without such a hobby as gardening. Today it is not uncommon to find an urban vertical garden in the home of a family member or friend who likes this hobby.

Nature lovers are in luck in this regard, since to have a vertical garden at home it is not necessary to scratch your pockets too much and invest money that, in times of crisis, is even presumptuous.

How to make a home vertical garden

All you have to do is take a walk on the net to find endless possibilities for vertical gardens, each one more original than the last and with objects that we use in our daily routines. Among some of them we can highlight, for example, the following:

  1. Canning or soft drink cans attached to a plank.
  2. Plastic bottles, either placed on top of each other vertically or horizontally with an opening in the center of them acting as a planter.
  3. Shoe organizers are also a very popular idea for the participants of this type of plantation.
  4. Now that the stairs have become trendy decorative objects, the idea of ​​using one in the development of a vertical garden is not entirely far-fetched. Large, elongated plant pots on each stair will give a sophisticated look to any room.
  5. And if we talk about elegance, a hanging structure with glass jars can become the chicest of decorative elements, awakening the envy of all those around you.

It is obvious that recycling is a great ally in the elaboration of these vertical mosaics of plants. Nice way to contribute to sustainability.


What to consider before mounting a vertical garden at home

But before getting into the crowd, it is necessary to take into account a series of conditions that must be met so that our vertical garden is not a project that fails.

So, the first thing to consider is if your apartment is a timeless place to stay, that is, the period of time you plan to reside in it. Since most mortals are currently for rent, there is nothing better than working on the possibility that the vertical garden to be mounted can be easily moved.

In this regard, it is better to work with light materials that do not entail too much difficulty when encountering a possible change of address.

Light is also a determining factor when studying the different types of vertical gardens that will have a greater probability of success in rooms such as terraces. For this reason, it is convenient to choose with great care the species of plants or flowers to put and also the hours and way in which the sun is projected in the corner to use.

Also, a direct relationship with the hours of the sun keeps the irrigation. The greater the impact, the more water they will need.

Materials to assemble a vertical home garden

As you can see, the containers or materials for vertical gardens can be very varied.

Even if you are thinking of an original gift with which to surprise, for example, your mother. An idea that usually likes a lot is to get a small wooden table decorated or painted to taste on which to place those little coffee capsules so fashionable lately.

This mini vertical garden will not leave anyone indifferent and we are sure that it will even become an idea that many will endorse for future details.

Decoration and nature of home vertical gardens

The beauty of vertical gardens is such that their fame has already reached the net.

It is not difficult to find, browsing the Internet, a wide range of alternatives in materials and shapes in terms of structures for vertical gardens.

Therefore, making one of these sets has never been so simple, at the click of a button and from home we can start drawing the future vertical garden project for our patio or terrace.

If you are one of those people who get a plant and in just two days the poor thing has already passed to a better life, they don’t have to give it up.

There are artificial vertical gardens already marketed by some companies whose main characteristic is that they work with preserved flowers.

For those more clueless, note that a preserved flower is not plastic, but a natural flower treated in such a way that properly cared for it can last a long time. Without a doubt, it is not necessary to have great gardening skills to enjoy a vertical garden at home.

Decoration and nature go hand in hand in vertical gardens, an upward trend in recent years that has turned a hobby for many unknown into a way to kill leisure time.

A task that, as a family, is even a way of interacting with the youngest members of the household and strengthening family ties.

How to have a vertical garden at home

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