How to plant a pineapple

Do you like to eat pineapple? Did you know that it does not come from the typical tropical palm tree, but rather that it is the fruit of a plant? Planting a tropical pineapple to get to enjoy these beautiful plants and their tasty fruits is really very easy. This plant is native to South America and does not need excessive care, although considering its origin, it is not difficult to imagine that it grows better in tropical or temperate climates.

If you want to know how to plant pineapple step by step in more than one way, do not miss this practical guide.

How to plant a potted pineapple – step by step

To plant your own pineapple plant , you only need a pineapple like the one you usually buy in any supermarket.

  1. Cut or tear off the crown of the pineapple carefully, with all its leaves and without damaging it. The usual thing is that a very small part of the fruit remains stuck to it. Remove some of its lower leaves so that the stem is visible, and let it dry for about a week, positioned upside down, so that its wounds heal.
  2. After the week, fill a container with water, and stick 3 or 4 toothpicks in the crown of the pineapple, a few inches above the base, so that they help to hold the pineapple on the edge and with the base of the submerged crown . Don’t nail them too much, just enough to keep the stem in place.
  3. Place the container next to a window with plenty of light , or in a bright room away from direct influence if the sun is very intense where you live. After a few weeks, you should start to see white roots emerging from the base of the stem. Change the water every 48 or 72 hours, and do not expose the plant to extreme temperatures or sudden changes. When the roots are 5 cm or more, it is ready to be planted.
  4. Prepare a container or pot for your crown with developed roots. Prepare a light substrate with good drainage. A mixture of equal parts coconut fiber, worm castings, and peat is highly recommended. At the bottom of the pot, prepare a bed with coarse gravel to promote drainage and keep holes free.
  5. Plant the crown of the pineapple and water by carefully spraying water after doing so. Keep it in a place with a stable temperature and that never drops below 18ºC, with plenty of light. Never let the substrate dry out completely, especially if you live in a dry climate.

When it grows and begins to bear fruit you will see it as in this image. It will be convenient that you change the pot for a larger one every so often or that the day comes that you transplant it directly to the ground. 

How to plant a pineapple - How to plant a potted pineapple - step by step

How to plant a pineapple – by suckers

Another quicker and easier method to get your own pineapple is to take advantage of the suckers that adult pineapples produce. Obviously, for this you need to already have a pineapple plant or know someone who has one, but in return the method is simpler and has a greater chance of success.

The shoots of pineapple can be separated from the mother plant without problems, but usually it is advisable to leave the first with her to continue to grow when it dies. Just plant them in a small pot or seedbed until they are big enough to move into their own larger pot .

When to plant a tropical pineapple

Pineapples do not get along well with the cold, so the ideal season to plant them is when the temperature rises in spring , after the last frosts. In this way, your plant will have all spring and summer to grow and strengthen, being able to face the cold months more developed.

How to Plant a Pineapple - When to Plant a Tropical Pineapple

How to care for a tropical pineapple plant – basic care

The main care of the tropical pineapple plant are:

  • It is very important to provide the plant with enough moisture , but at the same time avoiding puddles, which could be very harmful to it. To achieve this, you will need that your substrate offers very good drainage and that the pot in which you have located has drainage holes. In addition, you should water often but in moderate amounts, so that you provide moisture without drowning the plant.
  • Regarding light, pineapple appreciates being exposed to direct light in mild climates, or being in semi-shade in very hot climates.
  • Unlike other plants, pineapple is grateful to be fertilized regularly even during the cold months. Add fertilizer or compost every 15 days throughout the year. 
  • Try not to water the plant with tap water, especially if it is very hard water in your area. If you have no other option, let the water sit overnight before pouring it in.
How to plant a pineapple

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