How to grow the lotus flower

The lotus is one of the most appreciated plants for its beauty and for its high symbolic value. For Buddhists and Hindus, it represents the process of enlightenment, as the lotus grows from the mud of ponds and rises above all of it to bloom with an almost immaculate whiteness. In this way, it is a plant full of meaning and beauty, which will brighten up any garden or area in which it is located. If you want to discover how to grow the lotus flower in a simple and easy way, keep reading and we will tell you about it.

How to grow the lotus flower from seed

One of the easiest ways to get a lotus plant is to purchase seeds from a garden store. To plant them, it is usually advisable to slightly open the outermost shell, being careful not to damage the internal part. This can be achieved simply by scratching this peel with a soft metal file, for example the one used for nails.

Once the seed is ready, it should be placed in a container with water and wait a few days for it to germinate. The best thing to do is to germinate several seeds and then choose those that are in the best condition.

Once the seeds have germinated and reached a size of about 8 cm, it will be time to transplant them into their final pot . As the lotus is a water flower, we will need a suitable container for this type of plant. The first thing to keep in mind is that it will be necessary to have a pot without a drainage hole. In this pot, we will place an amount of special soil for aquatic plants (if we used the usual one it would float due to the high amount of organic materials it has) and we will fill 30% of the pot. The rest of the pot will be the space dedicated to water. Next, we will place the already germinated seeds in the bottom of the pot, without burying them too much, although we can help ourselves with a little soil to fix them to the bottom of the pot.

After a few months, the lotus flower plant will have developed into an adult plant. However, it is quite common for lotus plants to not flower for the first year. After that time, the characteristic and much appreciated lotus flowers will appear.

How to grow the lotus flower - How to grow the lotus flower from seed

How to grow the lotus flower from rhizomes

Another option to have a lotus flower at home is to have it developed from a rhizome , or underground root , which can also be purchased at many garden stores. In this case, it will be necessary to place the rhizome in water for a few days until it germinates. It is important to change the water frequently, which will help prevent the rhizome from rotting.

Once the rhizome has germinated, it will be time to transfer it to the pot. In this case, it will be necessary to have a pot with the same characteristics as when planting the lotus from seeds. That is, it will be necessary to have a pot without drainage , which has a part of river soil, and, in addition, which also has enough capacity to have enough water.

In this case , we will place the rhizome directly on the earth and we will fix it to the surface with the earth itself or, if preferred, with some light-weight stones that prevent the rhizome from floating. Little by little, the rhizome will grow and, in a few months, you will have an adult lotus plant that, in addition, will be able to give flowers from the first year .

How to grow the lotus flower - How to grow the lotus flower from rhizomes

Some important care of the lotus flower

One of the most important aspects to take into account when caring for a lotus plant is that it is a plant that does not withstand cold well . For this reason, it is important that the water never drops below 21 degrees , otherwise the plant could die. Likewise, another of the most important aspects that must be taken into account is that it is a plant that needs at least 5 hours of direct light when it is adult. Thus, it is important that it be in well-lit indoor or outdoor places, such as near a window with direct light.

Finally, another aspect that must be taken into account will be to conserve water and do it in the best possible conditions. In this sense, it is essential to change the water with a certain frequency , which will prevent the lotus plant from getting sick or insects or parasites from negatively affecting the lotus. 

How to grow the lotus flower

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