Why do indoor plants in your home die?

I suppose that if you have indoor plants in your home, your intention is not to kill them or care for them wrongly so that they die shortly after having them. But most houseplants that die were accidentally killed. Indoor gardening is not easy due to an artificial climate and in addition, plants will need specific characteristics to prevent their life from being shortened quickly.

The best thing you can do to keep your indoor plants alive longer is to learn what they need to grow and what care you should provide for them. If you realize that your plant is having trouble growing or it seems that it may die, you will have to remedy it as soon as possible. But what is it that causes the plants inside your home to die?

You water too much or too little

If you forget to water your plants, it is very likely that they will die due to not having enough water. But you are also likely to over water and suffer the consequences as well. If you water your plants too much, you may get root rot. Don’t let your plants die for this reason and find out how much water they need to grow healthy.

Low humidity

You will surely know how the lack of moisture can affect your skin. This lack of moisture can make indoor plants especially hard. When the heat starts, the humidity in your home can start to grow, can you imagine the change that can be made for a plant that lives outdoors suddenly being inside your home? If you notice that the leaves of your plants are starting to be golden, it is because they need a change of place.

Why Do Indoor Plants In Your Home Die - Low Humidity

Low light

Plants that don’t get a lot of light but do need it won’t be able to grow healthy until they get sunlight. If you have areas of your home with semi shade it is necessary that you have semi shade plants, if you have sunny areas the plants that need sun are important and if you do not have any light, it will be necessary for you to have plants that grow well in the dark. You should observe the leaves of your plants to see if they are growing well or if they need more light or water.

Exposure to direct heat

If you place your plant indoors and they are close to a direct source of heat such as a radiator or a fireplace, you will be directly frying your plant and also, you will be accelerating its dehydration.

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