When to plant leeks

The leek is a horticultural plant widely used in the kitchen that can be grown both in the ground and in a pot since it does not require much space to have an excellent development. Now, we must choose well the moment in which we are going to plant it, otherwise we would not make the most of the season.

To prevent this from happening to us, below I am going to explain when to plant leeks and how to do it to obtain better harvests.


When are they planted?

Leeks are horticultural plants that are normally planted in early spring , but can be planted in late winter (and even in the middle of this season) if the climate is mild or the frosts that occur are very light (up to -1 or -2ºC) and punctual, that is, they are recorded one day a year or less (every 2 or more years).

Where can they be planted?

As we mentioned at the beginning, they can be planted in the ground or in a pot . If we opt for the first site, it is important first to remove the weeds and fertilize it with organic fertilizers, for example with guano, to fertilize it; On the contrary, if we choose to plant it in a pot, we will have to choose one that has a minimum diameter of 30cm.

planting tips

So that everything goes smoothly, we offer you a series of very useful tips that will help you to have an excellent harvest:

cultivation in the garden

  • Use an anti-weed mesh : this way, you will prevent your leek crop from being invaded by wild weeds.
  • Install a drip irrigation system : it is a way to avoid wasting water in vain.
  • Plant your leeks in a line : leave a distance between them of about 10-15cm.

pot cultivation

  • Use a large pot : the more, the better since it will be able to have a better development.
  • Fill it with a universal growing medium mixed with 30% perlite : your leeks will have all the nutrients they need and, what’s more, their roots won’t get waterlogged.
  • Put a plate under it: especially recommended if you live in a very hot area.
freshly harvested leeks

Enjoy your harvest

When to plant leeks

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