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Most plants bloom in spring. The heat arrives and the plants wake up from their lethargy, dazzling us with beautiful flowers. However, not all of them delight us with their beauty in daylight. There are plants whose flowers sthey open at nightfall. How is it possible? The sun is not everything for plants, but pollinators are the most important.

Bees, wasps or butterflies carry pollen from the male parts of plants to the female parts, but these animals do it during the day. However, there are other animals that live at night that perform the same function, so it is necessary that there are plants for these. Examples of these plants are the Dondiego or Mirabilis Jalapa, the Galán at night or some cactus.

The mr diego it is a plant that does not reach one meter in height. It does not bear the cold well, and with the first frosts it dies, but it reproduces perfectly through the seeds. These are black and appear when the flower falls. It is planted in spring and blooms in summer, but as I said, only at night. However, if the day is very cloudy, we may be lucky to see its flowers open. The color of its flowers ranges from white to pink, being able to find different colors of flowers on the same plant.

El Galán de noche or Cestrum nocturnum It is a shrub that has small white flowers that, like the Dondiego, can only be discovered at night or on a dark day. The most remarkable thing about this plant is its smell. A smell that will make its presence known in a fairly large radius around it. It is a tropical plant, so the cold does not bear it well.

An example of a nocturnal cactus is Trichocereus spachianus. This one has large white, reddish or greenish flowers.

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Nocturnal plants | Gardening On

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