Shrubs are good allies to add green to your garden. That is why you should take them into account when designing your green space. Although some shrubbery They come with the bare root, most of them are bought in plastic pots, depending on the place or nursery where they are acquired. At the time of plant your bushyou have to dig a hole proportional to the size of the root ball or pot. The bigger it is, the better.

It should be noted that it is important to take into account the distance that must be between one bush and another. This will depend on the size of the bush as well as the density that we want to give to the plantation. Generally the groups of bushes are planted placing them between 1, 1,5 or 2 meters from each other.

The next step is to mix the soil that was removed from the hole very well with 1 or 2 kilos of manure mulch, peat or other organic compost. With this technique, it is no longer necessary to make a mineral fertilizer at the time of sowing it but later if it will be necessary to use slow release fertilizer or one for agricultural use so that the bush grows healthy and strong.

Finally, it is necessary settle very well the soil enriched with organic compost with the foot or with the handle of the hoe so that it is well pressed to the roots and supports the trunk of the plant. On the other hand you have to water it abundantlyEven if possible, you have to make a little bit so that there is water for a few minutes.

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