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We have already talked a little about The Cactusof the pests that can affect them, how to plant them, and how they can help to decorate the interior and exterior of our house, however we have said little about the flowers that this small spiked plant produces, a beautiful flower that few know and little is known.

Depending on the variety we have, we can find flowers of different colorssizes and shapes, but what is definitive is that the flowers produced by these curious and spectacular plants are ideal for decorating any environment in our home, both inside and outside of it. It should be noted that not all flower at the same time or with the same age, and there are others, although they do not last long with them, as happens with some types of plants.

There are varieties such as Echinopsis, Pygmaeocereus, or Lobivia that produce flowers that only last a couple of days, and even in some cases, they last only a few hours. However, there are also other genera of cacti such as Rebutia and Coryphantha, which produce flowers that can last up to a week, while others such as the Aporocactus it can take up to 2 weeks.

Remember that depending on the variety of cacti you have at home, and the care that you provide to your plantthe flower could last more or less time, so we recommend that you inform yourself about the care that these plants need to develop properly. Keep in mind that, once the flower is produced, they will be beautiful, with an infinite number of colors, such as pink, orange or blue, which will fill the space where you have them with color and vivacity.

Cactus Flowers | Gardening On

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